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Reviewer:Lynn Lopez
Bio: Lynn Lopez has more than 7 years of internet research experience, 3 years of writing and editing experience, and 8 years of Web design, development and management experience. She also writes for a number of magazines and online publications and is currently working as a freelance Web and graphic designer.
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Free Super Affiliate Marketing Tips, Resources, and Tools
Best Free Self-Help Ebooks and Programs
Watch Free Self-Help and Motivational Videos Online
How to Persuade and Influence People Using Maximum Persuasion Techniques
How to Lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast!
Free Self-Help Success Secrets, Articles, and Audios
How to Treat Panic and Anxiety Attacks
Secret Tips to Cure Insomnia and Enjoy Energizing Deep Sleep
How to Attract Girls and Make Them Laugh
Free Acne Treatment for Flawless Skin

Reviewer:Claire Madarang
Bio: Claire Madarang is an experienced writer specializing in finance, self-improvement/personal growth, and mental health topics.
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Join Top Notch Money Making Affiliate Program
Free Self-Improvement Articles, Audios, Secrets and Advice
Secret Ways to Attract Men Video
Bad Dog Food Shocking Video
Learn How to Attract Men - Attraction Secrets and Tactics
Eliminate Bad Dog Food and Dog Health Problems
Persuasion, Motivation, Influence, and Seduction Secrets
How to Lose Belly Fat Fast - Secrets to Burning Belly Fat
Cure for Bad Breath - Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath
Stop Excessive Underarm Perspiration or Sweating

Reviewer:Lorie Therese Locara
Bio: I am a geek in essence, and a writer by vocation. I love technology, and I am passionate about life and just about everything I care about: be it relationships, the causes and principles that stir me, gadgets, and basically anything and everything that I value.

I try to be objective, but when it comes to things that matter most, I never hesitate to state my opinion.

Detail-oriented, I make sure that everything I do is done thoroughly.

Professionally, I am a writer, a blogger/pro-blogger, and in my spare time, I make commentaries on the things I am passionate about in my blogs and vlogs. ;)
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All My websites:

Need Writers? Web Designers?
Lorie's Home Website
Lorie's Thoughts
Fire Your Psychiatrist, Heal Your Emotional Wounds
Lorie's Fan Site for Meredith Mauldin

Reviewer:Anita Danger
Bio: Writing is my hobby and I'm learning a lot from products and services.
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Reviewer:Kosta Efstathiou
Bio: The Krytic
40 years old from sunny California.
Married with 2 children.

I've had the entrepreneurial spirit since about 10 years old. We had a market in Burbank, CA where I worked. My 1st try was selling candy to other kids at school.

Later in high school I sold sports merchandise through mail order. For several years I dabbled in mail order, discovering all the scams and scumbags out to steal a buck.

In college I sold vitamins and merchandise from SMC. Then I became a "Reprint Rights Junkie." I collected it all. And when World Wide Web took off, I made the jump to "Resell Rights Junkie."

Through out the years I prospered and learned a lot. Now I am an Internet Entrepreneur with PLR, Master, Resell and Reprint Rights to 100's of eBooks and software products.

Let me know if my reviews are helpful. Prosper On!

Current work-in-progress:
The Best Freebies Online
"Our Name Says It All!"
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All My websites:

The Best Freebies Online
Demo of

Reviewer:Jeremy Gislason
Bio: Jeremy has been around business all of his life and grew up in an entrepreneurial family. His father has had his own business for over twenty-five years and Jeremy assisted with the day to day operations of the family business while he was growing up. This environment helped Jeremy to decide to take the path to financial independence as a self-employed/business owner rather than work for someone else his entire life.

Jeremy traveled overseas a great deal, especially throughout asia in the early 90's and eventually decided to settle down in Japan. He and his wife both quit their 'regular' jobs in the spring of 1997 to fullfill their dreams of running their own business. Through hard work, determination and faith they have been successful and their business has seen continual growth despite a recession in the Japanese economy since then.

Jeremy says, "Doing business in Japan has really opened my eyes to customer service and the way people should be treated. Japanese have the utmost respect for customers, as should all businesses. There is a saying in Japanese - "Okyakusama wa kami sama desu", which literally means "Customers are Gods". If you think about this, it is very true as without customers, we'd have no business. Take care of your customers and they'll take care of you by remaining loyal lifelong customers and recommend your business to their friends and family."

In addition to traditional offline businesses, Jeremy has also had extensive experience with offline and online MLM companies. He worked very closely for a few years in the mid 90's with a top marketer and distributor in a very large network marketing company who helped open the door to Japan for their products. While Jeremy prefers working and building traditional businesses, that experience was invaluable to help him improve his people and sales skills which are both important requirements for any business to succeed.

Whereas the Gislasons' offline business has been good to them, they realized that the only way true financial freedom and retirement is to have a substantial amount of continual passive income every month and the potential of the Internet to do just that. After over a year of trials and errors trying to establish an online presence, Jeremy finally got the break he'd been looking for.

He met a man by the name of Darryl Graham, CEO and founder of ISORegister, Inc. in February of 2003. After corresponding with Darryl for a few weeks it became clear that they both had similar goals, morals and ideas. Jeremy soon became a company advisor and worked with the team at at for 2 years before venturing out on his own.

He launched the flagship site in Jan. 2005 and has been expanding since. He also works with copywriters, the best programmers and marketers on a day to day basis such as Simon Hodgkinson in order to provide the best services and products possible to you.

These sites include , , , , ,, and has several other websites in development.

Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason have partnered to create such websites as , , , , and and - launching in 2007 plus more sites on schedule for launch summer/fall of 2007.

Jeremy and his wife currently live in Japan raising three boys whom they love and cherish. Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family when he's not working. He also is an avid reader and tries to read at least one book a week mainly on business, marketing, and self-development. He also studies Japanese as much as he can in his 'free time' and practices the Japanese martial art of Aikido.
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All My websites:

Powerful List Building Tactics
Explode Your Traffic, Explode Your Sales, Explode Your Business
Marketing Main Event 3
Secret Audio Sessions
Training eCourses to Earn More Online
Video Training Courses
Joint Ventures, Product Launches and Traffic
Get More Traffic

Reviewer:Lee Lister
Bio: Lee Lister writes as The Biz Guru, for a number of web sites including and where she sells her informational products.

With over 20 year’s management and business consultancy experience with businesses large and small as well as being a serial entrepreneur, she now helps others set up, develop and market their businesses.

If you would like more help and assistance in setting up your new business then visit www.startmynewbusiness... for advice and assistance.

We have a great entrepreneur ezine - send a blank email to and receive our free ebook The Next Great Thing.

We believe that success is part inspiration and part perspiration mixed with a little bit of luck!
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All My websites:

Great Informational Products - Home of the PowerPacks
Start My New Business
Marketing and Internet Marketing
Get Into Google Quick
Biz Guru - Business Planning & Strategy
Job Success
Article Writing PowerPack
Email Marketing PowerPack
Bid Management
Professional Training

Reviewer:Lyn Bell
Bio: Lyn Bell is a Certified Financial Planner living in Christchurch, New Zealand. She runs her own business creating financial plans and strategies to help her clients achieve financial freedom. She has had an extensive financial background having started first in banking.

Through her websites Lyn writes articles to help people on a range of subjects such as credit card debt, budgeting, eliminating debt and other educational material related to finance. A special feature of her website is the book and software reviews.

Lyn moved to NZ from Zimbabwe after marrying her Kiwi husband. They have been married for thirty years.
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All My websites:

SoundFinance financial product reviews and articles
SoundFinance for budgeting and debt control
Get Out of debt
Miniature Dachshund
Chocolate Box
Financial Artilces
SoundFinance: Blog
Baby Knitting Patterns
Anxiety Attack Symptoms

Reviewer:Dan Levy
Bio: I have been in the retail management business for about 20 years. Until about five years ago I was general manager of a 35,000 sq. ft. store. Then I stepped down and took an assistants position at a smaller store so there would be more time to develop my online business. Now, I have pretty much retired from off-line jobs.

I run the DanJan Associates suite of websites, online since 1995. In those days we called the website, "Take My Freebies ... Please!" About 1999 we passed the 100,000 annual hits mark for the first time. I still code almost all my webpages manually in a text editor. I guess that makes me a dinosaur.

When I'm not at the store, or at the computer, I'm at karate classes. I go several evenings each week for 3 hours at a time. I take classes and also get to help a little in teaching the kids. I earned a 4th degree black belt back (TKD) in the 80's. Now, I started over in a different style and have a second black belt. It was a lot harder this time. Guess age (and pizza) does that. I take and teach classes with my daughter who also has two black belts.
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All My websites:

DanJan Associates

Reviewer:Earl H. Roberts
Bio: TaleWins Dot Com has been online since April of 1996 , videos made, book covers and other graphics created. Having a new, personalized book cover made for your products you are selling can multiply sales volume.
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All My websites:

Tale Wins

Reviewer:Sam Chill
Bio: Senior technical consultant with 15 years experience in information technology specialized in architecting and developing enterprise applications and e-commerce systems. Successfully designed, programmed, and implemented over 100 desktop applications, web-based applications, dynamic websites, database servers, and e-business systems for Fortune 1000 companies and public sectors. Oracle Certified Database Administrator, Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, and Microsoft Certified Professional.
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All My websites:

Career Meta
WordPress Business Directory
Easy Blog Wealth

Reviewer:Todd Strait
Bio: I am and have been an Engineer in the Plastic Injection Molding industry for the past 25 years. I enjoy the IM world and I constantly strive to learn more where I can. I love computers and everything about them and I love to learn new uses for them.

I love to archery hunt for whitetail deer and I also have been involved in amateur radio (ham radio) since I was 15. I love the outdoors. I love to take pictures with my F707 Sony digital camera and I also love to use paint shop pro. Go to my website for more on me and my many hobbies at

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All My websites:

WM8C's Ham Links
WM8C's Hob-Blog
Astrid's Embroidery & Quilts
One Pound Ago

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I just wanted to send a quick thank you for all the time, effort and work you put into this site.

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Once again, thank you.

All the best,
Mark Greenway
You know as well as I that the word "Free" "Free" "Free" has been used and abused over the net of years now. It has made us reluctant to click on any claim of "Free".

Jeremy Gislason's SureFire Wealth came to me through the grapevine of top marketers.

To my surprise, I was gifted with a free membership that gives me access to many new products that I can add to my collection. Well this was very welcome since that I sell information and information products.

Now I've been in direct marketing way before I ever ventured on the World Wide Web. I can tell you that it has cost me plenty of money to buy information through ads that I had answered through opportunity magazines and publications.

So I say: Be Grateful for the gift. I'm sure that what Jeremy Gislason offers here will help to get you off on the right foot as a beginner or reinforce what you already have as a veteran.
Arthur Gabriele

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