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Reviewer:Donna Biasi
Bio: My name is Donna Biasi. I have been in the Salon & Boutique business for 22 years. After my Salon was broken into two times in one week. I wanted to do something that would protect others. I started my new business Safe & Secure. Selling safety products to homes, Office, business owners and familys. I realized that most people wait for something to happen before they protect themselves and loved ones. DON'T WAIT
To Learn more about Home & Business Security click here
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Reviewer:Faith Holler
Bio: F Holler (Faith) is a work at home mom who is a webmaster by trade. She has recently decided to stop working for others and is beginning to create and market for herself. Faith established Fuel Economy and mpg a little over a year ago. With her partners help, Fuel Economy got a Whopping 100,000 unique visitors in it's first 90 days without a dime spent on advertising, but with their newbies status, they didn't know how to turn that into money. Thus, the quest began...
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NewLifeForU - Private Label Books
Fuel Economy Tips
mpg Research
Stained Glass Gems

Reviewer:Jolanda Leu
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BestVideoFlix and Articles
Best Daily Articles

Reviewer:Michael Thorne
Bio: I am a full time internet marketer.I do affiliate
marketing as well as marketing my own websites.

I also sell quality software for web masters and
internet marketers, who want to make money
from home.

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Start Your Own Membership Site With This Easy To Install Script
Build Unlimited Keyword Rich Video Sites
Learn How To Make Sure Your Products Are Paid For Before They Are Downloaded
Turn Ordinary Articles Into Complete Moneymaking Niche Websites ...All In 2 Minutes Flat
How To Get Traffic To Your Web Site Training Videos With Resell Rights
Free Web Master Tools - Free Web sites
Add Your Advertisements To Any Product With Instant Product Brander
A Quick And Easy Way To Build Your Own Professional Looking Websites, With Video And Audio
Free Software To Make Your Marketing Efforts Easier
Quality Software For The Internet Marketer

Reviewer:donnette davis
Bio: I am a single mum of 6, 3 of whom I homeschool. Self-employed WAHM in legal admin. I am passionate about my children and their education, and have very real concerns about South Africa's future and Africa as a whole. I am interested in Ireland, Irish history and frankly, anything Irish. We focus a lot on endangered wildlife of Africa and African country unit studies, but also much of our research is seasonal. I have recently started authoring educational activity ebooks, with teacher resources and lesson plans which I publish on Lulu. I have rediscovered my love of learning through this journey :)
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St Aiden's, Homeschooling in South Africa
Single Parenting in South Africa
Donnette Davis: Storefront
Stumble Upon
Donnette on Scribd, my Free eBooks
Donnette Davis Onine - Get Your Free Money-Making Website Worth $1097
Get Your Free Viral Marketing Website

Reviewer:Dick Hale
Bio: Retired since 2004, and involved in the internet almost since its early inception, recently involved in Internet Marketng (since 2005), I am constantly working and searching the internet for viable "set and forget" income producing programs for myself and my opt-in list. As I find programs, I promote them to my list either as their sponsor or as an information provider.
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Internet Retirement System
The Shagmiser's IM Blog

Reviewer:Suzanne Morrison
Bio: I am a full time internet marketer working from my home in Scotland in the UK.

I am a coach at the AffiliatePowerGroup, co-creator of and the author of 3 Steps to Search Engine Success.
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Home Business Ideas
Higher Search Engine Rank
Affiliate Power Group
My Affiliate Power Site
Home Income Opportunities
My World Plus Training
Plug-In Profit Site Training
Website Update Services

Reviewer:Mitchell Harter
Bio: Freed from his 15 year stint at the 'Evil Empire' (the one starting with an 'M') as compiler front-end guru (he wrote the C and C++ front-ends), Mitch enjoyed a well earned sabatical from 1998 until the stock market went into the toilet.

In 2001, he was joining a company (ChiliSoft) that needed to replace its VB and Javascript engines because it was leasing the ones it was using from the 'M' company. Chilisoft was bought by the other 'Evil Empire' (contains the name of the closest star) so it had to replace its engines.

Seeing the writing on the wall, he entered another sabatical in mid-2003. (He really is an 'M' man at heart.)

In 2004, Mitch thought he would go the contractor route, got a job at Volt who leased Mitch out to the 'M' company, working in the same group he left in 1998, doing almost the same work as when he left. Working on the same code base he started back in 1983. Talk about job security...

He's now checking out what all the who-hah and falderol regarding making a living using the internet is all about.

Writing articles and reviews, generating products, being an affiliate while learning how to be a real estate tycoon.

He has interesting work ahead.
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All My websites:

The Sites To Be
And Wise
Be Smart (the first steps on the journey)
Mitchell T. Harter
The Hartware Co.
Keep yourself safe, back up your data

Reviewer:Steve Zorn
Bio: Steve Zorn has been involved in the field of personal safety for over 17 years. He holds multiple martial arts black belts, numerous instructor certifications, and is a recognized crime prevention specialist.

Over the years he has offered his safety programs and services to men, women, and children from all walks of life. This includes teaching abduction prevention to hundreds of children, empowering flight attendants through self-defense training, and providing police officers with additional safety options.

Steve is the founder Personal Safety Unlimited and the creator of SIMPLE Defense, a simple but comprehensive personal protection system.
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All My websites:

Personal Safety Unlimited

Reviewer:Garland Valley
Bio: Download Web elements EZ Tools Update v1.0.1

Garland Valley is the webmaster and developer of Internet Marketing Support Websites. and Affiliate Depot, both sites offering free lifetime memberships and software downloads.

Garland has been marketing online since 2003 as a second home business and also maintains a niche health and wellness website House of Gar Health and Wellness Resources

Garland has been a SFW GOLD member since 2004

The most recently launched website MyBizDepot (Jan 2007) offers online marketers a community forum, personal blog , free software downloads and monthly digital product downloads as well as deep discounts on quality marketing products.
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All My websites:

Affiliate Depot - Resources for Affiliate Webmasters Online Marketing Communty
HOUSE OF GAR Holistic Health and Wellness
The Digital Marketplace

Reviewer:James Guinn
Bio: Jim is the owner of MoonShadows Farm LLC, a company he started in February 2003. His online pursuits center mainly around affiliate marketing education & training. Perhaps the 27 years Jim spent as a teacher, counselor and administrator are what led him to settle in to affiliate education & training.

Jim runs the very successful Two Percent Club - an Affiliate Marketing Primer for new and struggling affiliates, and recently added the Affiliate Download Club to his online portfolio. He also owns and manages an online audio book site and affiliate program amongst other ventures.

Offline (and online) Jim runs MoonShadows Farm from which he sells home made, all-natural jams, spreads, fruit butters, fruit syrups, salsas and pickles under his own label.

Jim really enjoys working with other online entrepreneurs and is easily contacted by email or phone.
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All My websites:

The Two Percent Club
Affiliate Download Club
Cover To Cover Audio
MoonShadows Farm Country Favorites

Reviewer:Bruce Hopkins
Bio: Best Prices Storable Foods has been serving the preparedness community since 1994 (online since 1996). We feature dehydrated foods, emergency supplies, preparedness products, emergency essentials, canned meats, canned cheese, canned butter, water filters, grain mills, DE, books and more. Also, eal handmade beef jerky that can earn YOU a $3,000/month income!
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All My websites:

Best Prices Storable Foods
Secure Power Protection
ChristianWritings WebPublishers
Language Fixer
Real Handmade Beef Jerky

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Lamar Owens
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