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Reviewer:Julio Mattos
Bio: Mr. Julio Mattos,

Mr. Julio started his first business.
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All My websites:

Taking Action On Your Life!

Place Where We Discuss Possible Ideas
World Dreamer's Blog
Learning To Earn Online!
Free Audios- Based on Affiliate Marketing, Product Creation, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Mind
Reseller Master Course!
World Dreamer-Where You Plan For Dreams. Time Management, Money Management, Ebooks, Ecourses, Reprin
Reviewer of Free ebooks, paid ebooks, free software, paid software membership sites, coaching.
Getting up and Taking Action! Idea, Plan, Action.

Reviewer:Carlton Hewitt
Bio: I'm an Entrepreneur doing business on and off line. and
one of my areas of business is giving away free Lead Building Websites.
I also do business in the health and wellness industry, weight management supplements and PLR/Whitelabel products.
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All My websites:


Reviewer:Mike Smith
Bio: Mike sells one of the most popular software NoAdware 4.0! A webmaster from the year 2003 doing mainly Search engine optimization. Owns one website and a blog.
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All My websites:

NoAdware blog
Spyware cleaner

Reviewer:Value Scout
Bio: Always on the lookout for things of value to add to my blog.
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All My websites:

Value Scout
Value Scout on Associated Content
Value Scout on Twitter
Value Scout on Facebook

Reviewer:Karen Stavert
Bio: Glass and jewelry artist. Had a VERY successful busines on the road - full time for 7+ years - teaching and selling

Made a change to internet marketing 4 years ago. Hard work and struggle until finding Kiosk and Hot Conference; the best training, the best support, the best resources anywhere on the internet.

I learned more in one month with Kiosk and Hot Conference training and support than all of the years I struggled on my own... building web sites, learning html, ftp, css, blogging, selling on ebay, php, traffic exchanges, working together as a community to help one another to build our respective businesses.
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All My websites:

Send Out Cards
Hot Conference

Reviewer:Bill Rodgers
Bio: Retired landscape designer turned to graphic design as a hobby in 1995. Since has become proficient in all Adobe software, Corel software to name a couple.

Totally immersed in all things to do with new tech hardware, software and programming. Swiss Army knife of tools needed to succeed in this constantly mutating online universe where its like working on a car where the engine has new or different wiring every day.

Married to the love of my life Jan Carroll who is owner of JBCR Virtual Solutions and every bit as knowledgeable and avid as I. We are the perfect team working side by side day in and out
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All My websites:

JBCR Virtual Solutions
Arclight Graphics
For Someone Who Has Everything
Baby Boomers United
Baby Boomers Club House
Baby Boomer Health Network
Baby Boomer Dating Site
Unique Gifts For A Man Who Has Everything
Life Experience Gifts
Gifts For The Woman Who Has Everything

Reviewer:Jim Moore
Bio: Award-winning web designer, author, reporter/editor & publisher as well as graphic artist & copywriter for many years, Jim Moore has helped dozens of musicians, songwriters, healthcare providers, small businesses and organizations with their Internet needs.
Now he goes to bat for do-it-yourselfers, offering free and low-cost solutions you'd pay thousands of $$$ from others.
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All My websites:

TennTimes the News
The Phoenix Archives
The Phoenix Bookstore
My Webshop

Reviewer:Al Cline
Bio: I am a 59 year old farmer. We started our farm web site ( to market our pure Maple Syrup and my sons Steel Art. Both are in short supply at present. The web site seems to have legs of its own and has grown into a site that sells e-books, vitamins, beauty aids, cleaning products and weight loss products. Also throw in about 600 pictures of our area in all four seasons. I believe the internet is wide open to the imagination (within moral bounds) of course. I hope to have a sufficient business going by the time of retirement.
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All My websites:

Welcome to Cline Sons Farm little something for everyone
Farmer's pen and plow

Reviewer:Karl Sultana
Bio: Internet Marketer from the year 2004. I do affiliate marketing and search engine optimization. In 2006 I started developing SEO business. I do blogging as well.
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All My websites:

OutRankSmart Software
SEO Ecourse
Let's try dancing!
Wresting blog
Who Love Dogs!
Wedding Tips
Spyware Q&A
Making money online blog
For gardeners

Reviewer:Robert Mesa
Bio: As a practicing engineering in the Silicon Valley since the 80's I've seen allot of growth and changes in the high-tech industry. My job experiences started as an Electro-Mechanical engineer, CAD Specialist, Systems Admin, IT Manager to IT Director, and all the little stuff in between. I'm a geek at heart who loves seeing what makes things tick and than sharing that experience with others. My introduction into the Info Marketing space was accidental. I was working on a project for a friend in the business, and found myself hooked with the business as well.
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All My websites:

SiliconPost Webhosting
eCover Design - Visual Marketing

Reviewer:Stephen Chapman
Bio: I first learned to program computers in the late 1970s and have been employed within the industry for more than 25 years performing a wide variety of different jobs and using a range of different languages. I also have a personal interest in computers and have devoted much time to learning additional languages and systems. I have written literally thousands of web pages of information to help people use computers.
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All My websites:

Computer Help
Web Design/Development Membership

Reviewer:kenth nasstrom
Bio: I live in a small town called Soraker, about 400Km North of Stockholm in Sweden.

I'm married since 20 years, have 3 children and have computers and internet as my main hobby. I started online back in 1994 at work (Mid Sweden University) and went online privately 1997 with the site,

I enjoy programming quite a lot and some of my software projects are, and the soon to be released The most visited website I have is about newsletters and ezines and can be found at In my line of work I encounter a lot of hacking, virus, spyware and other computer "molesting" activities and to help my subscribers have I created some information about this. Information about windows registry and problems + tools can be found at Virus, Antivurs, Spyware, Trojan, Malware, Spam, Phising, Identity theft and more including free ebook downloads can be found over at

My heart also have a large part dedicated to Costa Rica. I lived there for a long time back in the 80's and I even married a local girl from Costa Rica (my wife) and I absolutely love Costa Rica. The people, climate and food all are wonderful. As a result these 2 sites have been created, and

Finally My thanks to my wife Luz and my 3 sons, Kristoffer, Tommy and Robert for all support and understanding. Having a full time working dad and online marketer is not an easy task!

Kenth "The Designer" Nasstrom
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All My websites:

Free NewsletterTemplates
Success Web Design Video Package
Gold PLR Niche Package
Words That Sell - Auction, Niche and Online Swipefiles
How Did The Rich Jerk get Rich?
Ziney Pro - The Ezine Text Software
Zipey Pro - Handle zip, arj, rar + many other formats with 1 program
Costa Rican Information
Beaches in Costa Rica
Free Spyware Remover Reviews

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