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Reviewer:Kathryn Maclean
Bio: Online Marketing is a learning experience. I have combined that with my offline business of cleaning houses.

Every day you learn something new that will help move your buisiness along.

Online for several years, I have picked up quite a lot. Learning the hard way what works and what doesn't.
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All My websites:

Internet Income WAH
Working At Home Income
Sure Fire Cleaning Biz

Reviewer:stephen williams
Bio: Stephen has be runnng a internet hosting company for the past 20 years. He is an expert in website optimization and has many sites on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN
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All My websites:

Optimize Website, First Page Google, Yahoo, MSN Rankings
Dedicated servers + First Page Ranking at one affordable price
Submit MY Site to All the Search Engines
Teaching Black History From the Bible

Reviewer:David Lovelace
Dave Lovelace has been marketing products and services online since 2001 and is the founder of 6 Figure Marketing, a direct-marketing business that he operates from his home-based office in North Carolina.

Recognized as an expert in Internet marketing, product development, and joint venture marketing, Dave shows less experienced newcomers how to shave years off their learning curve by teaching proven marketing strategies & systems that generate prospects and profits online.

You may recognize Dave as the mastermind behind the hugely successful "Best of eBay" events held in September 2005 and April 2006 where he created joint ventures with some of the top product developers, marketers, coaches, and speakers in the eBay market to generate over 6 figures in sales in just 14 days.

Dave has been featured on the Tim Knox Show, Jason James's UNCUT Marketing, the Joint Venture Power Circle, and Heather Vale's Internet Marketing Unwrapped.

Some fun "Dave Facts":

- Dave is a former Radio personality of 20 years.
- He's an "out of practice" Classical and Jazz pianist
- Claims to have invented a country line dance called "The Side-Saddle Slide"
- Has the self-proclaimed title, "Third Laziest Marketer On The Internet"
- First online company was Dialup America (internet service provider)
- He's 'the voice' of the Tim Knox Show
- Nickname is "Super Dave"

Visit Dave's Sites:

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All My websites:

7 Days To Online Profits - Automatic Money Machine
How To Create Profitable Info Products On A Budget
Resell Rights Bootcamp - Step By Step How To Profit With Resale Rights

Reviewer:Marvin Webster
Bio: Mavin Webster is a home based full time internet marketer who writes on a variety of subjects. In his "We are Known" blog he writes on building business and social relationships from home.
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All My websites:

We Are Known

Reviewer:Mike Atkinson
Bio: Mike Atkinson is a programmer and web designer and was trained under Prof Clements the 68000 guru. For the last 10 years he has been a teacher and lecturer of Computing and I.T. teaching a diverse range of topics from Internet for Beginners to 8086 Assembly Language Programming.
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All My websites:

Scarab P.D.
Atavist Music

Reviewer:Nick Sanders
Bio: Hi everyone,

A little something about me. I have been online for 3 years of this writing and am working towards a full time profession helping myself and others succeed online.
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All My websites:

List Bandit Secret
Viral X Factor

Reviewer:Creative Alternatives LTD.
Bio: Creative Alternatives LTD.
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All My websites:

Real Estate Home Presentation Feature Sheets
Premium Gift Certificates Service Business To Promote Your Company

Reviewer:Warren Peters
Bio: Web publisher. Love vintage VWs.
Born 1951...I been around.
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All My websites:

Beat Insomnia
Life After Stroke
Worms Compost
A Close Up Of Digital Photography
Fashion Design School
Horse Racing Ready
Genetic Hemochromatosis
Fishing in SoCal
Alternative Energy
Dental Makeover

Reviewer:David Harvey
Bio: Hello All,

My name is David Harvey. I'm currently studying a business degree at AUT (Auckland University of Technology).

the reason why I wanted to start making money online is that students don't often have enough money to get through the week with. So once my website goes live, you'll see what I've been up to in that regards.
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All My websites:

Reviewer:Paul Slater
Bio: Chaplain Paul Slater is a health care chaplain living in San Diego, California. Fulfilling his purpose of helping people be all they can be by the grace of God, Chaplain Paul models how developing an internet presence can fulfill your God given purpose in life as well as in a purpose driven career.
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All My websites:

Change Careers With Purpose
Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Reviewer:Geoff Shaw
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All My websites:

Easy List Builders
Internet Marketing Shop/Reviews

Reviewer:Carmen Black
Bio: Carmen Black was once the Managing Editor of a small press literary magazine. She now enjoys spending her time writing original articles for submission and promoting the writing of others
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All My websites:

Bias Onus Online
Bias Onus Publishing

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