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Reviewer:jeremy gatica
Bio: Name: Jeremy gatica
Age: 34
Children: expecting my first May 1st 2007
Hometown: Flint, Michigan
Occupation: Cook with 15+ years experience in the service industry, building a business to enhance my life and create a future for my future child.
Personal motto: "I would rather die on my feet then live a lifetime on my knees!" zapata.
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Reviewer:Mohamed Tohami
Bio: Mohamed Tohami is the author and creator of "The Life Purpose Discovery System". He is helping thousands of people worldwide to live a purposeful life, create everlasting success and make a difference.
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Create Everlasting Success

Reviewer:Geoff Dodd
Bio: Originally from New Zealand, Geoff is trained in psychology and Internet business operations. Has 2 daughters and is rediscovering extended family. Has Thai and polynesian connections. Aloha. Ofa atu.
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Work from home Australia
Psychology Power
US People Search Review
Free affiliate program for passive, residual income
FreeLife International goji juice distributor
Lotuscode Pro Wealth Solutions
Self hypnosis and better mental focus
Net Detective people search
Work from home bliss
Free Stuff Doctor for freestuff

Reviewer:Gary Smith
Bio: I'm a 44yo first generation geek :). I've been programming since 1981, on the Internet since 1991 and have an ISP business and an IT consulting business (both since 1995).

I have worked from home for the past 12 months, mainly on programming and system admin contracts whilst trying to build some niche sites. I have an intimate knowledge of Windows, Unix, Apache, MySQL,PHP,Sendmail,qmail,bind and also do some server security consulting (mainly setting up strong firewalls on unix servers).
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Membership Sites
Niche Marketing

Reviewer:Isaac Menely
Bio: My name is Isaac Menely, I'm from Oregon in the USA.

I'm a musician and drummer of well over a decade, rythem is the only other language that I speak and probably even better than I speak english.

I've been marketing, administrating and site developing on the web for about 6 years now. My dream is to create a network that puts most of its revenue back into the people and members who make up the network. So that what I'm working towards.

Remember everyday that we all do and all need to, Live, Love, Learn and Grow.
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3iTraffic Exchange Evolution
3iSource Article Directory
3iMusic Worldwide Kickin Tunes

Reviewer:Lyn Bell
Bio: Lyn Bell is a Certified Financial Planner living in Christchurch, New Zealand. She runs her own business creating financial plans and strategies to help her clients achieve financial freedom. She has had an extensive financial background having started first in banking.

Through her websites Lyn writes articles to help people on a range of subjects such as credit card debt, budgeting, eliminating debt and other educational material related to finance. A special feature of her website is the book and software reviews.

Lyn moved to NZ from Zimbabwe after marrying her Kiwi husband. They have been married for thirty years.
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SoundFinance financial product reviews and articles
Get out of Debt
Miniature Dachshund

Reviewer:Ab Majid Aziz
Bio: I am a civil engineer from Malaysia, still new at internet and website development. I hope to learn more from fellow marketers, and the internet guru
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Reviewer:Scott Sutherland
Bio: Scott Sutherland is an Internet entrepreneur, former professional musician, audiophile, father, husband and Child of the King. He lives in Oviedo, Florida, USA with his lovely wife and family.
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Bringing Dads Home
Sources of Income

Reviewer:Ellis Toussier
Bio: I will soon be 62 years old (in August, 2007) and I look and feel as if I am perhaps 45. I am an expert in anti-aging therapies. I live in Mexico City, where I can buy all the products that I need to keep my body young and healthy absolutely legally, and under the supervision of three doctors, who also learn from me.

I have been called "dangerous" and "the Madman in Mexico" and also "The Man With the Legendary Ego"...

I prefer to think I am only dangerous to IGNORANT DOCTORS who think that using the correct dose of hormones at the right time is a BAD THING, because I know I have gotten fantastic results with my anti-aging program. To my customers, I am the King of anti-aging, the best source of good information about how to use injectible growth hormone, testosterone, EPO, insulin, and other hormones because I TEACH my customers how to use these excellent hormones legally and without side effects.

I am the author of several books on nutrition, including Preventive Nutrition, The Amazing Carbohydrate Thermometer, The Glucose Theory of Aging, Diabetes Made Simple, Assess Your Pancreas: The Poor Man's Glucose Tolerance Test, and Confessions of The Amazing Dirty Old Man Who Does Not Grow Older (which is a joke... but it is really about me... and there is a lot of truth to it...)
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Rejuvenation, My 8 Point Anti Aging Program

Reviewer:Barry Bridel
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Ci- Ebooks

Reviewer:Steven Washer
Bio: Steven Washer is an award-winning video producer with 20 years of experience. He has taught at the university level, produced countless videos for Fortune 500 companies, and is the Executive Producer for both MedView Media, a production company dedicated to the medical field, and LightSpin Media, a resource for small businesses and beginning producers who wish to take their skills to a higher level.
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MedView Media
LightSpin Media

Reviewer:Paul Kleinmeulman
Bio: Paul Kleinmeulman is a successful internet marketer who specialises in private label rights, video, outsourcing and business systems.
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Automatic Niche Profits

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Member Testimonial's

It's been a real privilege to know and have Jeremy Gislason in my book of business associates that money can't buy and that I am beginning to feel sorry for people who don't know him!

While I've come across several membership sites, is one exception of quality that I strongly recommend you to be part of.

Jeremy has been consistently adding quality products with Resell Rights to the membership site. Therefore, all the homework of sourcing for good products has been done for you thus enabling you to set up and be in business within hours!

I can strongly vouch for this as I have personally benefited and profited from collection of products. Will you be the next success story?

And Jeremy, what you have to offer in is wealth not found in college books... but the selflessness and integrity that you've demonstrated is even better!

Your Internet Business Friend,
Edmund Loh
Hi Jeremy.

Your Surefirewealth Affiliate Program is one of the best profitmakers ever!

It totally exceeded my expectations.
I never realized how "magnetic" your SFW offer is to my subscribers, until I generated hundreds of dollars
in commission from one mailing lone.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
Michael Lee

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