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Reviewer:Teri Lee
Bio: I have been online since 1996 with my own web sites including several training sites, ebook, script and software sales sites, blogs, a couple of directories (Ezine and article) and my current membership site.

I specialize in web master training including how-to videos, tutorials, audio training and ebooks, and of course, how-to articles.

My main site now is The Web Master Insider Training Club Blog (WITC) at

Several previously created free web master tutorial videos can be accessed at by searching for videos with key word: "techie teri" and at the WITC Blog -

I have found my Surefire Wealth membership extremely valuable and have just started to do reviews of the products.

I hope the reviews are helpful in allowing you to determine if a product is going to be beneficial to your and/or your clients.

Don't just download to have all of the products! (Do as I say not as I do - Ha Ha!) - Make good use of the great resources here, learn a lot and make lots of $$!

"Techie" Teri Lee
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All My websites:

Web Master Insider Training Club Blog

Reviewer:Dollarware, Inc.
Bio: Five years learning and gathering information on Internet Marketing.
Written Many Articles.
BSIM, Certifications: A+, Network+, Cisco CCNA, Microsoft MSCE.
Three time qualified SFI's President's Club.
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All My websites:
Write a Website
Advanced Affiliate Training
Domain Names - Cheap
Submit Your Article Here
Free 60 Day Hosting Trial
Join My SFI Sales Team
Website How To
About E-Mail

Reviewer:Elizabeth Beresford
Bio: I have several web sites that I use for affiliate marketing. The sleep program uses brainwave entrainment and it is the first product I have made. I am in the process of making more audios.
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All My websites:

Sleep Soundly Cure Insomnia

Reviewer:Gil Browne
Bio: Internet marketing for six years.
Web hosting and web site design.
See All (2) reviews   (8 helpful votes)

All My websites:

Reviewer:Jim Miller
See All (2) reviews   (11 helpful votes)

All My websites:

Reviewer:Barry Ramlow
Bio: I have been in the business and consumer services industry for over 30 years. Since March of 2005 I have successfully claimed my share of the online marketing industry with consumer and business related software. Internet marketing software to help online marketers improve their business services to their consumers and to the public with software such as DVD Copy Pro which has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. Always watching the market and developing new methods and software to make your life easier.
See All (2) reviews   (7 helpful votes)

All My websites:
Downloading Secrets
DVD Copy Pro
Folder Guardian
Your Easy Submitter
Spyware Hitman

Reviewer:Elisabeth Krautler
Bio: Hello, My Name is Elisabeth I live in London originally I am from Austria.
Since around 2 Years I am spending most of my time here in my office at the computer. Please check out my sites.
To your success Elisabeth
See All (2) reviews   (4 helpful votes)

All My websites:

Make Money Online
Your Search engine!

Reviewer:Ted Kopelli
Bio: Ted Kopelli has been marketing on the internet for over 10 years with a focus on helping others to succeed with their online business.

Always ready to help, Ted has launched many a newbie's career in the online arena and led them down the path to financial freedom.

Filling a need and helping those desparate for guidance, Ted prides himself on on his high standards for providing quality customer service.

In it for the long haul, Ted looks forward to many more rewarding years online, helping others to achieve their goals and gain their financial freedom.
See All (2) reviews   (5 helpful votes)

All My websites:

Hottest Selling Internet Products
XSitePro Websites, Templates
Everything You Didn't Get With XSitePro
Adsernse Alternative That Pays BIG!
ClickBank Ad Boxes - Adsense Alternative
PayDotCom Ad Boxes - Adsense Alternative
Ultimate Income Websites - 7 Ways to Monetize
Ultimate Adsense & Amazon Websites
Professional Ecover Action Scripts
Professional Ecovers & Mini Site Graphics

Reviewer:Lokesh Kumar
See All (2) reviews   (4 helpful votes)

All My websites:

Reviewer:Jo Joseph
Bio: Instructor, coach, trainer, website designer, blog installer, video producer are just a few of the services I provide on the Internet.

Over the past several years I have trained hundreds of beginner Internet marketers how to easily get started.
I enjoy providing easy step by step instruction so that no one gets left behind.

After providing coaching and training for guru Internet marketers, I have launched out on my own and am building the ultimate training site,
See All (2) reviews   (2 helpful votes)

All My websites:

My Internet Tutor

Reviewer:Paul Tuttle
Bio: I am just starting. I have my website, autoresponder, Fantasos, SmartDD and MyDD ready to go!
See All (2) reviews   (9 helpful votes)

All My websites:

Paul Tuttle
Paul Tuttle
Paul Tuttle
Virginia's Recovery

Reviewer:Richard Bravo
Bio: richard bravo
See All (2) reviews   (392 helpful votes)

All My websites:

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Hi Jeremy,

Congrats on creating a wonderful resource site for people interested in making money online! well done :)

I certainly have no hesitation in recommending your SureFireWealth website to anyone interested in
having access to a ton of quality products they can download, use, learn from or sell for 100% profit!
Mason Ramm
I can't tell you how excited I was with the silver Now I am busting with all the downloads I have to resell.

I am making more money now then ever and half the work. Thanks for making this site so GREAT!
Donna Biasi

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