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Reviewer:Andy Immotna
Bio: I've long been involved in wooden furniture and home decor offline business ( of my family since I was 8 but when our shop had recently expanded, I was the one who handled the online marketing and transactions up to the present. During these times, i accidentally stumbled on infoproducts at eBay..

Did some some selling on quite few eproducts but when I realize such infoproducts might be another profitable niche, I dived in deeper entering the world of infoproduct internet marketing...

Later, after defining my target market, i thought of putting up a FREE and PAID membership site ( offering Private Label and Master Resale Right infoproducts such as eBooks, softwares, scripts and a lot more resources to cater needs of both new and existing internet marketers.

With this, I'v put up a charity organization ( providing scholarships to farmer's children in Kalinga's remote villages Northern Philippines where a child's future is at stake because of measly $6 elementary tuition and basic school needs ...where funds comes from clients/sponsors donations aside from my site's 20% sales...
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All My websites:

inf-O-asis - Your source for an oasis of info and infoproducts!
Disenyo Banaue - Fusing arts!
Charity iKordilyera - Help make dreams a reality!
Tour iKordilyera - Discover Philippines... Discover the Cordilleras!

Reviewer:sally neill
Bio: I have been selling ebooks both on ebay and from my ebook website for almost 2 years. I have written a few of my own ebooks and hope to write more in the near future.
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All My websites:

Easy Ebook Profit
Easy Ebook Website
Free Resale Rights Ebooks
Ebook Marketing Blog
Affiliate Streams
Sally Neill

Reviewer:Steve Johnson
Bio: Real Estate Developer, Technical Editor, Certified Public Accountant, 20 years of e-community development including two 5-figure membership sites (1 pre-dating the Web)
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All My websites:

Reviewer:Judy Lorenz
Bio: I have been an administrative assistant for many years, have my own practice as a virtual assistant, copywriter and internet marketer. I am located in the Midwest, USA
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All My websites:

Bar JD Communications
Bubbles 'n' Creme
New Beauty Success
The Legacy Gardens
Salt for Your Soul

Reviewer:Kenneth Svensson
Bio: Biggest hobby is internet marketing and are now planning on starting my own company in that area.
From stockholm sweden, loves nature, animals, near and dear ones, travels, good food and drinks
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All My websites:

I am making money right now
Extra income as an affiliate? this s great stuff...

Reviewer:Michael Pine
Bio: Specialize in Advertising and Marketing for both online and offline business. I have been in the lead generation business since 2002 in Credit Repair, Mortgages, Law, and Debt Counseling.
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All My websites:

Create Your Buzz Marketing

Reviewer:Jori Ford
Bio: Professional webmaster with 5+ years experience in the fields of web design, graphic design, SEO and internet marketing.

Jori is a Purdue University alumni with a B.A. in Law and Society.

She currently holds a full-time position with a real estate marketing firm based in Chicago as a webmaster managing 100+ sites. She also does freelance work and has written extensive articles on various topics regarding real estate, web design, search engine marketing, business reviews and more.

If you are in need of high quality opt-in/landing/squeeze page designs and graphics that exude professionalism and appeal to your end designs never fail.
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All My websites:

Chicago Web Design, Graphic Design, and SEO
Creative Zen Vision M
Purdue Picks

Reviewer:MaryAnn Thompson
Bio: Mary Ann Thompson, Sales No. MT1015
Sales Representative for the American Roadster
by Eco-Fueler Corporation
Alternative Fuel 3Wheel Vehicle that gives you 70empg on Compressed Natural Gas
A Hardtop Convertible enclosed Trike/Auto Cruiser
Tel.: (209) 474-0508
See All (4) reviews   (413 helpful votes)

All My websites:

American Roadster by Eco-Fueler
My Classic Cars BuzzBot Desktop

Reviewer:Cecilia Koh
Bio: Cecilia is a UK trained nurse/midwife with over 30 years working experience with mothers and babies in UK and Malaysia. Currently operates a childcare centre in Malaysia
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All My websites:

Reviewer:Thom Dickey
Bio: When you are looking for a home on the internet then Star Computer is the place to be. Resources galore.
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All My websites:

The Star Computer
Star Computer Hosting
Cyber Power Software
Thom's Software Gold Club

Reviewer:Faith Holler
Bio: F Holler (Faith) is a work at home mom who is a webmaster by trade. She has recently decided to stop working for others and is beginning to create and market for herself. Faith established Fuel Economy and mpg a little over a year ago. With her partners help, Fuel Economy got a Whopping 100,000 unique visitors in it's first 90 days without a dime spent on advertising, but with their newbies status, they didn't know how to turn that into money. Thus, the quest began...
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All My websites:

NewLifeForU - Private Label Books
Fuel Economy Tips
mpg Research
Stained Glass Gems

Reviewer:Lon Naylor
Bio: My name is Lon Naylor. I am 48 years old and have worked in the computer industry my whole adult life. I "retired" at the age of 41 in 1999 after spending 9 years as a Senior Systems Engineer for Microsoft (thanks Uncle Bill!).

My focus is on using the Techsmith Camtasia Studio product suite to create web videos for marketing
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All My websites:

Stupid Camtasia Tricks!

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