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Reviewer:Bruce Hopkins
Bio: Best Prices Storable Foods has been serving the preparedness community since 1994 (online since 1996). We feature dehydrated foods, emergency supplies, preparedness products, emergency essentials, canned meats, canned cheese, canned butter, water filters, grain mills, DE, books and more. Also, eal handmade beef jerky that can earn YOU a $3,000/month income!
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All My websites:

Best Prices Storable Foods
Secure Power Protection
ChristianWritings WebPublishers
Language Fixer
Real Handmade Beef Jerky

Reviewer:Albert Grande
Bio: Albert Grande is a pizza man and Internet Marketer. His webiste Pizza Therapy has been featured in magazines, newspapers, radio, television and the Inernet. Pizza Therapy has also been mentioned in three books about pizza.

Grande's passion is pizza and showing other's how to make their own pizza. His Pizza Therapy Pizzza Book has sold hundereds of copies and has recieved rave reviews.

He has a number of Internet webisites and blogs. He practices The Law of Reciprocity as part of his Marketing Mission. Grande's philosophy is to assist other's whenever he can.

He also has several Hawaii websites. He offers inside tips and tricks about Hawaii.

He lives in Hawaii with his wife and daughter.
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All My websites:

Big Ideas, Big Profits System: Free Report
Learn How to Make Pizza, Pizza Tips, Videos, and Pizzeria Reviews
Hawaii Secrets Revealed
Hawaii Vacation Information and Videos
Learn How to Remodel your Kitchen
Learn the Secrets of Italian food
Learn How to Make Pasta, Eat Pasta and Love Pasta
Internet Marketing, Pizza and Rock and Roll: Albert's Persoan Blog
The Bizarre, The Unusual, The Unexplained Blog
Pizza Blog from Pizza Therapy: All Things Pizza

Reviewer:roger weavers
Bio: Roger Weavers has been working in the computer industry since 1983 and started designing and promoting web sites in 2000. He now makes a full time living on the Internet selling his own products and services as well as selling other people's products through affiliate programs.
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All My websites:

Web Site Audio Software Reviewed
Affordable & Reliable Hosting
Flash Audio Wizard
Roger's Blog
Web Audio Guide
Online ecommerce website builders reviewed
How to build a web site
Web Site Video Software Reviewed
Spanish Properties for Sale
Membership Site Software

Reviewer:Pure JTS
Bio: PureJTS runs a site to help you find hidden bargains on eBay. Whether for resale (at a profit) or for your own purchase at a discount, you can find auctions that have few or no bids. is a FREE service - no registration required.
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All My websites:

Click Here to Find Hidden eBay Bargains to Resell for Profit!

Reviewer:Charlie Meyer
Bio: At this point in time, my primary business is computer sales and service (mostly service). My goal is to eventually make a living selling products and services online. This web site (SureFire Wealth) is certainly helping me on my way there.
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All My websites:

The holy grail of internet marketing
Computer resources
A fantastic, low cost, anti virus solution
The (free) Big Yellow Book of Turbo Marketing Secrets
eBay buying and selling resources, some are free
Resources and tips for Google AdSense
Free eBay Secrets newsletter
The Ultimate Collection of free ebooks you can also brand
Slightly damaged copy of The Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp (limited number)
The Insider Secrets to Email Marketing -- Version 2006

Reviewer:Mieke Janssens
Bio: I'm a 29 year old girl from Belgium and totally addicted to IM.
If I'm not designing a new site, I'm updating the other ones or I'm browsing the web, looking for cool tips, tools and ideas.
It never stops.... ;o)
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All My websites:

PLR Groupie
Spice Up Your Site
Mieke Janssens' Homebase
JV Market

Reviewer:Daryl McCoy
Bio: Jerry McCoy has a degree in Health Care Administration and he works with his father Daryl McCoy who has been self employeed for the last 55 years. Our goal is to share our knowledge with those that wish to improve their lives and health.
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All My websites:

ItsAboutcash Teaches Marketing | Business Success
Natural Remedies Products
SEO Tips For Beginners
Free Sample | Free Gas | Free Trial
Weight Loss Book

Reviewer:Donna Miller
Bio: Honest, down-to-earth, hype-free reviews. I'm not afraid to tell the truth, and the truth is there is a lot of crap out there being both sold and given away. It's taken me a huge amount of time and money wading through it to find the gems and I think it's time those of us who are consumers of Internet Marketing products start telling the truth about them.
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All My websites:

The New Zealand Site
The Garden Site

Reviewer:Tim Spencer
Bio: Maybe later!
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All My websites:

Internet Marketing Tools

Reviewer:Ghulam Nabi Rezbi
Bio: Ghulam Nabi Rezbi aka Rezbi
40 years old from UK
Married with 2 children
Full time internet marketerwith various online businesses
I sell my own products as well as affiliate for others
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All My websites:

Work at Home Business Ideas and Opportunities
Stunning Safety Security
Article Piece
30 Days To Internet Marketing Success
The Most Lucrative Program On The Net
The Secret Affiliating Program
Domain Profiteering
Squidoo Secrets
Turn Traffic Into Cash

Reviewer:DaJuan Tircuit
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All My websites:

Reviewer:Jim Dickens
Bio: Jim has been working with computers as a profession for over 30 years, studying self-improvement literature for over 20 years, reading internet commerce articles and books for over 5 years.

In all of those endeavors, he is constantly looking for explanations that reveal the concealed and show the rest of us what the heck the "experts" are talking about.
See All (2) reviews   (3 helpful votes)

All My websites:

Laptops for Humans
Action Creates Success

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