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Reviewer:Dee Lamory
Bio: Inspiring people to live a life of self reliance, personal responsibility and self awareness. Dee has a passion for travel, DIY self help and inspiring people to find meaning in their own lives by asking the right questions.
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Reviewer:Alison Jones
Bio: Ali Jones is Director of her own company in partnership with her husband of twelve years. Ali firmly believes in empowering people from around the world with the tools of the Internet to live the lives that they truly deserve.

Ali's journey into entrepreneurship has been one of her dreams from being a young woman. No matter where Ali worked she has always looked for ways to improve on systems always finding "smarter" ways to achieve the same result.

Ali worked for the government from leaving school however after a few years she decided to take to the skies and became a flight attendent for the top airline in the United Kingdom-- this was a great way to see most of the world, and this is where Ali learned her great customer service skills.

Her next move was to go into business partnership with her husband which they still own today. Now Ali is transferring those skills to online internet marketing and is a firm believer in multiple streams of income. Ali has immersed herself in courses, books (way to many), tapes, you name it. Online marketing is an extremely exciting place to be and it is her dream and goal to bring success to as many people as she can.

Ali's best known for her philosophy on life, "to do what you love, will make your life extraordinary"

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Network Tiger

Reviewer:Richard Lewis
Bio: Richard is a 23 yr old father of two toddlers and set up bestauction to help people to buy and sell cheaply and reard members through his Members Profit-Sharing programme.
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bestauction for Your Sales & Wants with Members Profit-Sharing

Reviewer:Mohamed Tohami
Bio: Mohamed Tohami is the author and creator of "The Life Purpose Discovery System". He is helping thousands of people worldwide to live a purposeful life, create everlasting success and make a difference.
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Create Everlasting Success

Reviewer:Marc Weedbrok
Bio: is the culmination of many years of research into and actively trading the FX markets.

My initial introduction into website development began with my Send Flowers Abroad site that after many years is still on Google's front page for that term.

In the beginning I wanted to learn anything about web marketing and building, and that incorporated both SureFireWealth with their many great products and Weebly where I tested my toes with their Free website building and hosting plans.

Over the years I have tried what feels like hundreds of products, read thousands of info reviews, trading manuals, sytsems and have become a proficient software programmer and user. I bring to the table a well rounded view ( or at least I think so :-) based on real life experience both good and bad.

I look forward to many years trading and also my association with the SureFireWealth team.
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Forex Indicators and Market Analysis
Send Flowers Abroad
Foreign Exchange Broker
Free Website Hosting and Builder

Reviewer:Michelle McDines
Bio: Michelle McDines is an entrepreneur & property investor with a passion for startup businesses, the internet and wealth creation. Having built an international property portfolio, Michelle's main focus today is on her entrepreneurial activities.

Michelle is currently launching several new ventures, which you can read about here. Michelle's style is to make business fun and turn work into play - but when she does take a few hours off, she can be found sailing, dancing, horseriding or generally being a rock chick and daredevil.
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Reviewer:David Harvey
Bio: Hello All,

My name is David Harvey. I'm currently studying a business degree at AUT (Auckland University of Technology).

the reason why I wanted to start making money online is that students don't often have enough money to get through the week with. So once my website goes live, you'll see what I've been up to in that regards.
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Reviewer:Denise McNerney
Bio: Software Engineer and Internet Entrepreneur that works from home on the farm in Harvey. My husband farms garlic and my children have grown and left home.
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My Blog:
Buy Some Pearl Earrings for your Wife
How to Buy Investment Property

Reviewer:Richard Rossbauer
Bio: Just an older guy having fun with the Internet, doing fun and helpful stuff, and sharing what can help others safely enjoy their computers and the immense cyber-world, too.
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Firewalls and Virus Protection
Landscape Tips for Homeowners

Reviewer:Linda Starr
Bio: Musician/composer. 16 years at Universal Studios. Self employed business owner.
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Affiliate Underground
The Theater and Film Exchange
Internet Guidance Solutions

Reviewer:Geoff Shaw
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Easy List Builders
Internet Marketing Shop/Reviews

Reviewer:Rocque Bowen
Bio: I have been striving to conquer the internet for 11 years or more now. However am mostly a hobbiest who earns some money here and there. I still do not consider myself a professional internet marketer. My day job keeps me from working on the internet full time. One day I will do that. I enjoy sharing health information and words of encouragement.
I was the host for Nutronix International's product calls for 3 years. I really enjoyed it and learned a whole lot about health and nutrition.
Visit my Shop Nutronix site for more information about the products. I will add more sites as I get them ready.

My latest passion is making animated cartoons, that I will eventually be giving away or hosting on a membership site. I am really not sure yet what I will do with it. I need to get a lot better with it though.

Thanks for stopping by.
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All My websites:

Rocques Road
Faith And Hope And Love
Words Of Encouragement
Shop Nutronix
Rocques Business Information
Rocques You Tube Channel
Car Insurance

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Member Testimonial's
Hi Jeremy,

I am happy to promote your membership site,' SureFireWealth'. The conversion rate had been outstanding.

It is easy to promote because all I need to do is to offer a free membership to SureFireWealth. I am impressed with the conversion and have included the free membership in my 'give away' site -
I receive the commissions on the upgrade which is paid into my PayPal
account within just a few days.

Jeremy, it is indeed a pleasure to do any joint venture with you.

Well done!
Richard Quek
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