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Reviewer:Bluedolphin Crow
Bio: I have founded, started up, and run 7 of my own offline businesses through the years.

I am a published author offline and online.

I have loved my career of more than 20 years as a professional Ghostwriter offline in the genres of Self Improvement, Self Help, Psychology, and Personal Development and Success.

I am now retired from my Ghostwriting choice no age...LOL and I spend my time teaching others how to write better so they can sell better online.

I also develop affiliate tools for popular online products to help affilliates keep their focus on their selling.
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Reviewer:Mike Hayes
Bio: A retired IT man who's lived in Amsterdam since 1968. I started in IT in 1970 programming in the languages of the day, IBM Assembler, COBOL, Neat and Neat/3. Wrote lots of programmes and designed lots of systems. I had one of the first IBM clone PC's in the Netherlands in 1986 (Price $12,000!!!!!) and have never looked back. I like cooking, the internet (about 8 sites at the last count) and France where I spend a lot of time. I'm quite a reasonable portrait painter.
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The HTML Course Package
The Job Hunter's Book
The Sudoku Solutions Book
Jigsaw Sudoku Solutions
Mike Hayes' Home Site
The New Christmas Music Hit

Reviewer:Brett Simpson
Bio: Brett Simpson has been selling and marketing on the internet since 1997. His real world experience and no nonsense - common sense approach to making money online will help you succeed.

Visit his websites at:
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All My websites:

Profit-Internet - Making Real Money and Profit on the Internet - Transform Your Destiny
Dream Publishers - Publishing Powerful Products
The Dreamtime - Free Numerology and Astrology

Reviewer:Pauline Wessa
Bio: 2 Bios
Pauline Wessa: A journalist for over 30 years with Scripps-Howard news that has interviewed three presidents wives and major stars of the silver screen( Carry Grant, Vincent Price ZaZa Gabor) & socially prevelent material still being used to make mental health programs more effective in America(10 years ago and is still the go to guide used today) and a whole lot more...
James Wessa: A self proclaimed information junky that loves almost any subject on the planet except politics(they all suck)specialising in Financial sciences(creating wealth not the sissy stuff- like Dollars are really currency not money!!!!!) addicted to most sciences but loves green energy as a hobby. Worked as a mechanic and Auto technician for 10 years, Builds computers and simple web pages from scratch for fun, loves to play with Photoshop and 25 other pieces of software and a whole lot more. (but he hates writing)
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Reviewer:David Natiuk
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Reviewer:Krystine Lewis
Bio: I've been dabbling online for the last 8 years and it's one of my greatest passions! I enjoy marketing, building websites and writing articles. I'm happily married with 2 children, one is happily married herself so I feel I've done a good job! I also enjoy crocheting and giving to others. I especially enjoy meeting new people on the net and helping them find their passion, whatever that may be.

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All My websites:

Review Work At Home Jobs
Free online typing jobs
Start Your Baby Business
Meet Miley Cyrus
Online typing job
Free Dog Scarf
Easy Home Jobs
Easy Crochet Tips
Moms Typing Online
Easy PLR Shop - PLR Articles

Reviewer:John Mowatt
Bio: I am interested in many subjects.
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All My websites:

High Efficiency Furnaces
Play Online Texas Holdem

Reviewer:anne Ronsen
Bio: Anne-Marie Ronsen is the author of many wealth and self development books. Visit her websites for more information about me, my writing, and my marketing consulting practice.
You will learn about the best tips and recommendations to improve your health, weight and wealth.
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All My websites:

Download FREE Ebooks with MRR & PLR
FREE Membership _ Download Ebooks
FREE Quality Content - Article Directory
Live with Autism

Reviewer:James Earl
Bio: Underground mining electrician, by day. Investor and Internet Marketer, by night.
I have been an electrician for almost 26 years, and an internet marketer for 8 years. I've been investing in stocks and bonds for 9 years and recently started researching Options trading.
My opinions are my own and based upon my years of experience in various fields and knowledge of my native language.
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All My websites:

JCMAC Investments Inc.

Reviewer:Terry McNeese
Bio: A 17 year US Navy Veteran turned field service engineer and world traveler, I've been involved with the Internet from it's inception as a military device. I wasn't actually involved in Internet Marketing until about 5 years ago and have traveled down both good and bad roads since. I'm starting to iron out a clear, no-nonsense approach to internet marketing for both myself and customers now. This (the web) is where everything is going in the future and we need to be invested in it if we are to succeed in our chosen fields.
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All My websites:

New Paradigm Associates
Analytical Technologies Group

Reviewer:Howard Puddy
Bio: An IT Manager, with a keen interest in gardening, bird watching, natural history, stone tumbling, sea fishing and poetry , who is having fun setting up some websites but with a longer term view of making some money from them.
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All My websites:

Cure Acne
bird flu advice
My Search portal
lapidary and stone tumbling
Internet marketing

Reviewer:Cheryl Wright
Bio: Cheryl Wright is an award-winning Australian author and freelance journalist. In addition to an array of other projects, she is the owner of the website and the Writer to Writer monthly ezine for writers. Her publications include novels, non-fiction books, short stories, and articles. Her upcoming release is “The Write Resources” from Central Avenue Press. Visit Cheryl’s website

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All My websites:

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