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Reviewer:Rich Carter
Bio: Rich Carter is a 53 year old grandpa and has been marketing and consulting online since 1996.
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All My websites:

Pro Guitarists
Show Me Guitars

Reviewer:Linda Starr
Bio: Musician/composer. 16 years at Universal Studios. Self employed business owner.
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All My websites:

Affiliate Underground
The Theater and Film Exchange
Internet Guidance Solutions

Reviewer:Trudy vanWyk
Bio: networking,Motivation,inspiration,goals,goalsetting,lifestyle,birds,parrots,pets,affiliate marketing,budgets,work from home,ecourses,downloads,courses,products,cool tools,get traffic,blogspots,niche,special reports,unique,information,success principle,successful mindset,building an online business,Resellers,Giveaway Rights,PLR,Helping others to make a living on the net.
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Woman Emotion Motivation Health
Blogs for Africa
Dundee Newcastle SA
Parrot Birds

Reviewer:Robert Brown
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Get Paid To Park
Fun To Trade
Fun To Shop
Fun To Travel
Fun To Fly
Fun To Date
Fun To Meet
Fun To Eat
Fun To Sell

Reviewer:Paul Slater
Bio: Chaplain Paul Slater is a health care chaplain living in San Diego, California. Fulfilling his purpose of helping people be all they can be by the grace of God, Chaplain Paul models how developing an internet presence can fulfill your God given purpose in life as well as in a purpose driven career.
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All My websites:

Change Careers With Purpose
Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Reviewer:Chris Glasspool
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All My websites:

Electro Books UK
The Downloads Store
PLR Articles Monthly
Electro Web Services
eBay Info Products
Multi Level Membership Manager

Reviewer:Donna M
Bio: Donna is a nurse turned entrepreneur, and loves creating websites, graphics, and is currently working on her first individual software product. She's a grandmother of five and stays busy with her websites, graphics creation and doing email support for a software company in FL.
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All My websites:

Deadeasy the perfect e-publishing software
Article Directory - Market Yourself Free
AffordaSoft Supersite
Protect Your Immune System
Ban Colds The Quick, Painless Way

Reviewer:Clifton Henry
Bio: Average person with great ideas. Not a guru. I just discovered some things that work and I wanted to share with others. That's all.

Be Blessed With Success,
Clfiton Henry
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All My websites:

Create Your Own Software
Management Software Review

Reviewer:Paul Miller
Bio: Brother Paul is a preacher who has dedicated his life to making the world, and your life better. Miz Kathy, his wife, is the expert on domestic matters ranging from raising dogs, to cooking, to budgeting, to Living Large In A Small Town On No Budget.

We have recently opened up a membership site at How 2 Of Wealth that will help you connect with others who are seeking true wealth, and provides tools and motivation for you to succeed.
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All My websites:

How 2 Of Wealth
Found Secrets

Reviewer:Danny Ethridge
Bio: I, Danny Ethridge, am the "Internet Marketing Toolman".

I am a successful, professional internet marketer. I have been in the field of sales and marketing for many years. I stay focused on providing the necessary information, tools, and resources to every entrepreneur in the field of sales marketing to be successful, too!

You can find additional information for successful marketing at:


Danny Ethridge
Internet Marketing Toolman
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All My websites:

Internet Marketing Toolman

Reviewer:Debbie Gragg
Bio: Debbie Gragg is a home biz and internet marketing enthusiast. Debbie love crafts, needlework, home decor, and anything having to do with making money with crafts, and starting fun profitable home businesses
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All My websites:

Home Biz Profit$ Where Profit$ Are Homemade

Reviewer:Richard Lewis
Bio: Richard is a 23 yr old father of two toddlers and set up bestauction to help people to buy and sell cheaply and reard members through his Members Profit-Sharing programme.
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All My websites:

bestauction for Your Sales & Wants with Members Profit-Sharing

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Member Testimonial's

As you know, Jeremy, I consider SFW to be one of the premier Internet Marketing membership sites online -
but your new affiliate program has taken it to an all new level... Now marketers can not only get the best programs and e-books from your site, but easily turn it into a true
money-making venture of it's own!

Because Teri & I believe so heavily in it, we decided to promote it to our various lists over the past couple of
months - and were astounded by the results. Seems a lot of eager marketers agree with us about how great a site it is - your site became one of our Top 4 sources of affiliate revenue within just 1 month! And for anyone who knows us, that's really saying something!

Keep up the great work - your site will surely start to explode as marketers realize how easy it is to promote a site that offers buyers so very much for their money...

All the best,
Doug Champigny
Well done, Jeremy!

I am member of very few paid membership sites and I am really impressed with your SFW's simple & user friendly interface.

You've put tons of latest ebook & software in single membership site,

Joe Tiew

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