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Reviewer:Work At Home Business Assembly
Bio: Tolulope Adeyemi, a computer scientist by profession, is a co-founder of The Ultimate Traffic Package System - The Wise Marketers' Leads, Traffic Tools & Guide To Growing Successful Businesses Online and The Work At Home Business Assembly.

Tolulope Adeyemi is an experienced marketer who, alongside other notable marketers, is helping average Joes net unprecedented profits from their businesses with his Complete Autopilot Advertising Solutions called Ultimate Monster Traffic & Leads Package.

Tolulope Adeyemi currently runs a modest IT-oriented brick-and-mortar business whose capital was entirely realised from his Internet marketing businesses. He also has an enormous knack for stocks, bonds & forex.
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Ultimate Monster Traffic & Leads Package
Completely FREE Work At Home Kits
Excellent FREE Home Business Startup
Work At Home Business Assembly

Reviewer:Dave Gammage
Bio: Dave Gammage is a developer, designer, and internet marketer. His AffiliateManagerPro software can be found on the computers of affiliate marketers everywhere. His website,, caters towards internet marketing newcomers. Straight up reviews, happenings in the internet marketing world, and free products are just some of the things you can expect from Dave at
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The Internet Marketing Newbie Review
Affiliate Manager Software

Reviewer:Renate Schedl
Bio: My name is Renate Schedl. 1948 I was born in Munich/Germany now living close to the old university-town Heidelberg. As a mother of 2 adult daughters and grandma of a sweet granddaughter I'm working today from home.
I had been working for many years with a big american company. During the last 3 years I have been learning in the internet and am now going to start with my own business.

My Mission:
MyBestMarket's Seminar- and Informationcenter will be a kind of membershipsite, where newbies on the net can find everything they need to be supported on their activities on the internet.

The Center shall be combined with the independent Yorgoo Network and shall offer interested people our Ycademy as an outstanding training- and educationcenter where they will learn to build their very own business and brand their own name instead of looking and working for other peoples’ business.

MBM - MyBestMarket stands for all regarding direct sales, especially mentioned the global Dubli auction- and sales platform, which as well can be reached via the center. The Dublinetwork will offer interested people the possibility to succeed in building their future with a high and safe residual income.

The Center will be under construction for the net future but nevertheless start with prelaunch to let the public know what is going to be established there.
In the near future, when the center gets more and more content, I shall offer packages with different capability characteristics at different monthly fees, thus creating my residual income.
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All My websites:

MyBestMarket's MBM-Center
Do you like to stay totally independent?
Ycademy - the Education Center of the independent Yorgoo Network
Start your Onlinebusiness
Is Writing Salesletters Your Achille's Heel?

Reviewer:Rommel Ramos
Bio: "Rommel is a sales person and marketing "go-to guy", rolled into one. Had his first taste of delighting clients as a hotelier and beach bum, in several 5-star establishments, in a span of ten years in the industry. Continued his selling career in the fields of insurance underwriting and later on with realty. The 'internet bug', literally bit him to the draw and now has launched his first website on his own only last May 30,2007. Get his 5day e-course on "UNLEASH The Power Of Private Label Rights Riches" and get his key to the ***SECRET Downloads PASS*** at his url giving away a ton of MEGA-sized bonuses and freebies,
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All My websites:

Private Label Rights UNLEASHED!

Reviewer:Robert Anderson
Bio: I was born in San Francisco California in 1949. Studied at UCLA in Business Management. I have owned my own consulting firm, brick and morter for the last 15 years.
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All My websites:

Learn to Make Money From Home

Reviewer:Wally Schempp
Bio: I been working with bending pre built websites for a while.
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Free Recipe Sites
Plans For Wedding
Simple And Quick Recipes
My Pellet Stove Tips
Advice Credit Score
Advice Tips Facts
Alaskan Cruise Tips
Self Help Information Videos
Window House Blinds
Hot Pick Videos

Reviewer:lynne lee
Bio: I am a 53 year old mother of 5 who loves sharing what I’ve learnt and helping people to overcome obstacles and get unstuck.

I’ve discovered that I love writing. I have written two eBooks

Optimize Your Website

Be Your Own Life Coach Now

I am developing a life coaching ecourse and a third eBook on How to Hear God.

I have three areas of expertise:

I work with people who are looking to deepen their relationship with God, learn to hear him more clearly and ready to design their life around what matters most to them.

People like you who are ready for a mentor to get alongside and help them to learn how to market their business using article marketing.

People who are establishing a web presence and want to do it in a way that ensures more than their fair share of free targeted website visitors.

Whilst establishing my coaching business I have developed expertise in the areas of article marketing and website optimisation.

Technical things come easily to me and I now help people to do keyword research, set up an affiliate programme, learn how to use Paydotcom, discover how to use cpanel, set up an autoresponder sequence and optimise their website.

I mostly coach by phone, 1 to 1, but I am about to launch a 4 week group coaching series on How to Optimise your Website. I plan to do many teleseminars in 2008.

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All My websites:

Article Writing and Marketing
Seo Is Simple
Christian Life Coaching

Reviewer:Mike Wasiukiewicz
Bio: I've attempted affiliate marketing for a few years and finally getting a handle on the process. Now I'm mostly focusing on SEO and driving traffic to my sites. No Traffic....No Money!
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All My websites:

Best Metal Detector Deals

Reviewer:Richard Rossbauer
Bio: Just an older guy having fun with the Internet, doing fun and helpful stuff, and sharing what can help others safely enjoy their computers and the immense cyber-world, too.
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All My websites:
Firewalls and Virus Protection
Landscape Tips for Homeowners

Reviewer:Brian Lawrence
Bio: I live in Ohio, USA with my wonderful wife.

Have been on the Internet since January 1999,
after becoming totally disabled the year before.

Presently, working mainly on E4l Entertainment Club.

Have tried my hand at a number of ways to earn
some needed extra income here on the Internet.

To Your Success,

Brian Lawrence
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All My websites:

E4L Entertainment Club
E4l entertainment club
E4L Entertainment Club
Search Big Daddy
E4L Entertainment Club
Desktop Bucks
Go To Pro
Wealth Toolbox

Reviewer:Ellis Toussier
Bio: I will soon be 62 years old (in August, 2007) and I look and feel as if I am perhaps 45. I am an expert in anti-aging therapies. I live in Mexico City, where I can buy all the products that I need to keep my body young and healthy absolutely legally, and under the supervision of three doctors, who also learn from me.

I have been called "dangerous" and "the Madman in Mexico" and also "The Man With the Legendary Ego"...

I prefer to think I am only dangerous to IGNORANT DOCTORS who think that using the correct dose of hormones at the right time is a BAD THING, because I know I have gotten fantastic results with my anti-aging program. To my customers, I am the King of anti-aging, the best source of good information about how to use injectible growth hormone, testosterone, EPO, insulin, and other hormones because I TEACH my customers how to use these excellent hormones legally and without side effects.

I am the author of several books on nutrition, including Preventive Nutrition, The Amazing Carbohydrate Thermometer, The Glucose Theory of Aging, Diabetes Made Simple, Assess Your Pancreas: The Poor Man's Glucose Tolerance Test, and Confessions of The Amazing Dirty Old Man Who Does Not Grow Older (which is a joke... but it is really about me... and there is a lot of truth to it...)
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All My websites:

Rejuvenation, My 8 Point Anti Aging Program

Reviewer:Jeff Cowtan
Bio: Biz opps - been there, done it! Can a beginner really make money on the web? Maybe...

So who is Jeff Cowtan? Well effectively he’s just someone who'd had enough of being ordinary!

Although he often makes use of the highly critical opinion of his nine year old son…if his ideas tend to get a little out of hand...there's always his wife and seven year old daughter to give their input.

Now if you really want to know more about him…though wouldn’t your time be better spent finding ways to make your business more profitable…then read on…?!

Milliondollarmaybe is the result of a dissatisfied mind!


Because up until a few years ago Jeff was the proud owner of a successful little business, working just three to four days per week, and making a perfectly satisfactory living. What could be better?

Well, although the money was good, and the hours not bad, unfortunately there was a problem. He hated the ‘job’! Even though this was his business and he had no boss, he hated every minute of it! In fact it was worse than having a ‘job’.

So what did he do? He got out…and it was the best move he ever made. He decided to follow his dream of making his living on the internet and learnt all he could about web design, web marketing and what you are now reading is just part of the result.

This is the story that makes milliondollarmaybe so special…

You see he's been there. He knows just what a business needs but also how important it is to spend your profits wisely.

Milliondollarmaybe can make all the difference!

Jeff Cowtan
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All My websites:


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I just want to say a BIG thank you! I joined your site via a special subscription offer you were doing and I absolutely love being a member! You have some excellent stuff on this site. I love looking through it all and do you know what the best bit of all is?

This site is my starting point for my business! Yes, I will be starting on the net using this site as my platform for getting going!

I just wanted to say I think you will do really well. This site is very user friendly and you do feel part of something!

Caroline Lingard
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