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Reviewer: Ellis Toussier
Location: Mexico
Bio: I will soon be 62 years old (in August, 2007) and I look and feel as if I am perhaps 45. I am an expert in anti-aging therapies. I live in Mexico City, where I can buy all the products that I need to keep my body young and healthy absolutely legally, and under the supervision of three doctors, who also learn from me.

I have been called "dangerous" and "the Madman in Mexico" and also "The Man With the Legendary Ego"...

I prefer to think I am only dangerous to IGNORANT DOCTORS who think that using the correct dose of hormones at the right time is a BAD THING, because I know I have gotten fantastic results with my anti-aging program. To my customers, I am the King of anti-aging, the best source of good information about how to use injectible growth hormone, testosterone, EPO, insulin, and other hormones because I TEACH my customers how to use these excellent hormones legally and without side effects.

I am the author of several books on nutrition, including Preventive Nutrition, The Amazing Carbohydrate Thermometer, The Glucose Theory of Aging, Diabetes Made Simple, Assess Your Pancreas: The Poor Man's Glucose Tolerance Test, and Confessions of The Amazing Dirty Old Man Who Does Not Grow Older (which is a joke... but it is really about me... and there is a lot of truth to it...)
Reviewer Rank: 396
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All My websites:

Rejuvenation, My 8 Point Anti Aging Program


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