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Reviewer: Scott Sutherland
Location: United States
Bio: Scott Sutherland is an Internet entrepreneur, former professional musician, audiophile, father, husband and Child of the King. He lives in Oviedo, Florida, USA with his lovely wife and family.
Reviewer Rank: 147
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Product Reviewed: The Expert Guide To Organizing Internet Marketing Information
By: Alex Goodall
Review Title: The "Expert Guide" Delivers
Date Reviewed: March 22, 2007
Reviewer: Scott Sutherland 
I don't normally get pumped up about something that's free. And in this case, I confess that we're talking about part free, part not. I started out with the free part, but this report on getting your Internet Marketing info and tools organized was just speaking so directly to me that I decided to buy the "not free" part.

My name is Scott Sutherland, and I'm just a regular guy with a goal of replacing my corporate income with online revenue streams. I'm probably just like a lot of you.

I thought I was a pretty organized guy, and in a lot of ways I am. I use ECCO to manage my projects and my information, and it's a great tool. But I have rearranged how I organize my information I don't know how many times, because I just couldn't quite get my mind around how best to organize the stuff. And I've spent hours and hours doing it (and re-doing it).

Fortunately, I was just about to start the laborious task of organizing all the downloads I've got on my hard drive, when I came across Alex Goodall's "Expert Guide To Organizing Your Internet Marketing Information". Now I'm not only going to organize my downloads using this great tool, but I'm quite probably going to reorganize my entire project structure using it!

The free report will guide you through the problem all of us internet marketers face -- "Information Overload"! and if you don't want to buy the IM Index Mind Map, it will give you the information you need to create your own method of organizing your IM data. But the Mind Map is only $47.00 (at least for now)! If you valued your time at a measly $10 per hour, that's less than 5 hours worth of time! I PROMISE you, you WILL waste way, WAY more time than that if you don't get yourself organized like this.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Download the free report and see what you think. Watch the videos that are linked from the report (free also). I'll be VERY surprised if you can't relate, and very, VERY surprised if you don't see the value of the IM Index Mind Map!

Scott Sutherland
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