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Reviewer: Kosta Efstathiou
Bio: The Krytic
40 years old from sunny California.
Married with 2 children.

I've had the entrepreneurial spirit since about 10 years old. We had a market in Burbank, CA where I worked. My 1st try was selling candy to other kids at school.

Later in high school I sold sports merchandise through mail order. For several years I dabbled in mail order, discovering all the scams and scumbags out to steal a buck.

In college I sold vitamins and merchandise from SMC. Then I became a "Reprint Rights Junkie." I collected it all. And when World Wide Web took off, I made the jump to "Resell Rights Junkie."

Through out the years I prospered and learned a lot. Now I am an Internet Entrepreneur with PLR, Master, Resell and Reprint Rights to 100's of eBooks and software products.

Let me know if my reviews are helpful. Prosper On!

Current work-in-progress:
The Best Freebies Online
"Our Name Says It All!"
Reviewer Rank: 5
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All My websites:

The Best Freebies Online
Demo of

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Product Reviewed: The Resource Report
By: Mike Filsaime
Review Title: Speed Past GO! Collect Your Resource!
Date Reviewed: March 10, 2007
Reviewer: Kosta Efstathiou 
Giveaway Rights.

Not his complete Rolodex.
No website or promotional materials.

Bottom Line:
It's a good collection of 70+ resources covering almost every topic an internet market has or will use in their successful business. Great for everyone except the over season salted internet marketing Deity.
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405 of 792 people found the following review helpful:

Product Reviewed: The Expert Guide To Organizing Internet Marketing Information
By: Alex Goodall
Review Title: Organize Your Success
Date Reviewed: March 16, 2007
Reviewer: Kosta Efstathiou 
Giveaway Rights.
eBook graphics included.
Register as an affiliate to receive the promotional tools.
Can be customized.
FREE: 39 Videos Of Easy Web Design Tricks.

A few misspellings (No Big! Might be the “Queens English”)

Bottom Line:
Since most of us have or will have 1000’s of articles, eBooks, scripts and software, I suggest a quick read to help you get it all under control, IF you don’t have your own system already.

My downloads are listed in an Excel Spreadsheet with numerous category headings. And I keep every thing in separate product named folders on the 1st level of a hard drive partition. I also use symbols at the end of the folder names that identify the “Rights” of each product.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Product Reviewed: The Forgotten Secret of the Ancient Greeks
By: Father Dave
Review Title: Free Chapter To His Main eBook
Date Reviewed: May 12, 2007
Reviewer: Kosta Efstathiou 
Resell Rights.

No website or promotional tools included.

Bottom Line:
It's a nice article about building self-esteem with a fight club that also keeps kids clean and out of trouble.

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407 of 797 people found the following review helpful:

Product Reviewed: 10 PLR Ebooks
By: Peter Iremo
Review Title: Grab, Edit, Customize And Market! ASAP!
Date Reviewed: May 14, 2007
Reviewer: Kosta Efstathiou 
Master Private Label Rights.
Website and promotional tools included.

Editing the eBooks graphics requires some skill and Photoshop 6.0 (or better) or a comparable graphics program.

Bottom Line:
Snatch them up. You get the following completely editable eBooks:

· Beating The Beast Goldmine - 62 pages
· Exploding Your Sales - 42 pages
· Unlimited Customers Goldmine - 76 pages
· Google AdSense A-to-Z - 16 pages
· Affiliate Marketing A-to-Z -21 pages
· Mailing List Cash Extraction Goldmine - 79 pages
· eBook Creation For The Illiterate - 79 pages
· Pay Per Click Marketing A-to-Z - 15 pages
· eZine Marketing A-to-Z - 20 Pages
· eMail Marketing A-to-Z - 20 Pages
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Your site is a fantastic resource for people who are serious about building their internet business. The quality and quantity of downloads, ebooks, software and templates is staggering!

I have been telling my members about your site and will continue to make sure they take advantage of your library.

Thanks for providing such a wealth of information. I know many people are going to incrementally multiply their income as a result of being
a member at
Joel Comm
Hi Jeremy,

Thank you, you have such a cool Sites and you are right we grow and learn as we go through our journey.

You have done some real phenomenal work and I am extremely impressed with your infinite knowledge of good things.

Your sites are extremely insightful and it is people like you that have inspired me to create my own "Niche"...

I encourage others to follow leaders like yourself and grow and prosper as you have done with you ensemble of extremely amazing Sites.

I look forward to your new accomplishments as you can always know they are worth the wait and always full of promise!

Again thank you and wishing you all the best!

Laurie Brandt

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