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This core strategy explains the creation of an Employment Proposal and shows how it can be used effectively to identify or create a 'hiring solution' and position the applicant as an EXPERT, rather than just another job-seeker.

The download also includes a free report on how to use Google to enhance your posture and win a tight race for a position.

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Make Your Transition
By Steve Coerper
Provided By Steve Coerper
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Make Your Transition
By Steve Coerper

A different approach,  August 27, 2007

This e-book takes a unique approach to getting the job or getting the raise – focus on the company you are applying for and its problems, and not on yourself. Show that you’re not just going to be an employee – you will be a “problem-solver,” an asset to their company. Which makes sense, as applying for a job or asking for a raise is marketing yourself. And in marketing, you do not only focus on your product’s strengths but how it can solve the potential customer’s problem.

This e-book explains how to do just that. You do research. You submit a proposal, NOT a resumé. The e-book does not focus much, though, on how to write the proposal. This would have been a great help to readers.

The e-book also talks about starting a home business, although not so much. Ideally, more practical advice should have been included here.

A nice bonus read with this e-book is how to build your credentials to your potential employer through Google.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Make Your Transition
By Steve Coerper

,  September 11, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
Excellent read! This really aims for you to change your mind-set, and help you be on your way to success. It has a very good idea how employees really are and what you can do to set yourself apart, and become much more than a mere employee. The whole thing is very well written and inspiring, too. It's not a very complicated read, and you'll probably want to get your own copy of this if you want to shake up your career and your whole outlook in order to improve your situation. It's interesting how this doesn't immediately proclaim that launching your own home-based business is the answer to your troubles, but also gives you tips on being much more efficient and important at the office. The e-book is also quite attractive-looking, and has plenty of interesting doodles to highlight the text. A top notch product, and one that should definitely be one of your main resources.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Make Your Transition
By Steve Coerper

amazing, you just gotta download this!,  September 13, 2007
Reviewer: Lorie Therese Locara 
I actually read the bonus PDF file first, the one where there were tips on using Google to your edge when it comes to applying for jobs. It reminded me of a tip I had for my dad that if you wanted to find out about anyone, look for him or her on Google. I’m glad to know I was right.

The entire e-book is filled with gems on how to make your transition from a day job to an Internet/home-based one. Yes, this is a virtual treasure trove. The content is so good, that it’s easy to ignore what I don’t like about it.

Speaking what I don’t like about it, it’s the icons and the graphics that I found I’m allergic to. One reason is that it breaks the importance of the message and the topic, because they were kid-like. The layout needs work too.

But on the whole, I’m just impressed with this e-book. But the biggest gem in this resource is its six-step transition plan. If you want to know what that is, do download this now!
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