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Many free web-based DNS and domain name tools all in one location.

Includes standard DNS lookups, WHOIS/IPWHOIS, and even obscure DNS hosting tests, IPv6, IP-to-country and spam database lookups, DNS reports, DNS timing, Reverse DNS lookup, Traceroute, PING, IP information, ISP cached DNS lookup, abuse lookup, Email test, HTML validator and many more tools. Fast and thorough.

They have paid member options as well.

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DNS Tools
By DNSstuff, LLC
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27 of 42 people found the following review helpful:

DNS Tools
By DNSstuff, LLC

Awesome Research Tool,  March 09, 2007
Reviewer: Jeremy Gislason 
This is a great site I use often to research and test my own sites.
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22 of 33 people found the following review helpful:

DNS Tools
By DNSstuff, LLC

Gem Site - Bookmark it,  March 16, 2007
If you have a lot of domains and web sites this is one of those sites that has some great look up services. Used it a lot when I had problems with a registrar recently.

Have bookmarked it and go back there often.
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20 of 29 people found the following review helpful:

DNS Tools
By DNSstuff, LLC

Extremely Useful Site,  March 17, 2007
Reviewer: Stephen Chapman 
In November 2006 I moved my web site from one web host to another. Just after changing the nameservers I also moved the domain registrar. Several weeks later I was still getting about 15% of my visitors still going to my site on the old hosting (which I had not yet closed down). It was only when I found out about DNSstuff and made use of some of the services there that I was able to find out that one of the nameservers had not updated properly and was still pointing back to the old hosting. Thanks to DNSstuff I was able to get this fixed before the old hosting expired. This is the number one site for helping you work out what is going on with any domain issues. I have revisited several times to resolve other problems with being able to access various web sites and not just my own.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

DNS Tools
By DNSstuff, LLC

Excellent,  April 28, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
Scary. It really can generate information about various IP addresses, and yours will also be displayed at the very top of the page. I thought I would need an account to use this, but at the bottom, you can see the domain, IP, and host name tests, which you can happily use for free. That section should be placed in a more visible area of the main page in order to let visitors see them right away and test the tools.

I particularly like the spam testing feature. All you need to do is type your IP address and it will look up spam databases to check for your IP. I need this one because for some reason, I try to leave comments in sites sometimes but get rejected by some, telling me that I'm a spammer though that was the first time I visited the site. Go figure.

This one's a great tool. I wouldn't recommend this to total newbies or people who have no idea what a DNS or 'pinging' is, though.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

DNS Tools
By DNSstuff, LLC

Pretty impressive!,  September 13, 2007
Reviewer: Lorie Therese Locara 
I agree with Lynn. This resource is particularly creepy because it lets you see an IP address and pinpoint its location. I had tried it with a certain blog stalker’s address, and I had only one wish with this DNS tool: that it be able to name the name of the user, so that I’ll know who berated me on my own blog. Haha!

But seriously, this tool is amazing. Everything you need regarding IP addresses and DNS lookups are there on the page. You really don’t need to look too far to find what you need. Just scroll down and everything, and I mean everything you might need regarding domains, IP addresses and what-not are there. In fact, there is even an email test tool, so you can test whether that email or provider is still working, and a tool to tell whether an email provider is free or not.

There is also an “Abuse lookup” for domains. So if you have complaints, like I usually do, this would be absolutely handy.

And don’t think that the website looks like its thumbnail here, all kid-like. The real website looks absolutely polished. Pretty impressive, uncluttered, and user-friendly, actually.

Oh I am so loving it, I have bookmarked it!
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