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This is a 30 page e-book that that outlines in plain English the 5 major processes involved with building and managing a website.

From domain regitsration to uploading files to the web host, this PDF e-book provides an overview of webmastering in an easy-to-read format.

Comes with rebranding software.

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How to Build a Website: A Beginner's Crash Course
By Greg Hughes

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17 of 17 people found the following review helpful:

How to Build a Website: A Beginner's Crash Course
By Greg Hughes

How To Build A Website-A Beginner's Crash Course,  December 10, 2006
This ebook has all you want to know as a beginner to exactly build and manage your site.

I will recommend this ebook for anyone who's beginning. Most webmasters have great ebooks but I will say they're advanced for beginners.

Often I buy an ebook and find that there's a lot to know to enable you use the ebook profitably.
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3 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

How to Build a Website: A Beginner's Crash Course
By Greg Hughes

Much More Than An Ebook....You'll Get Service A1,  December 19, 2006
Reviewer: peter nicholls 
I was interested to read Gregs ebook as l have known him for several years now and he was the person who made the pushbutton members website work well.

Most newbies starting off have a fear of who is telling them the truth and who should they turn to for real advice that helps them, grag forfills this in his ebook, but it's his after service wher he shines better than most.

regards Peter Nicholls Online
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

How to Build a Website: A Beginner's Crash Course
By Greg Hughes

,  May 23, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
Here is yet another nice resource for people who are starting out with building their websites. I must say this is a lot more detailed than other website guides for newbies that I have read so far, and goes into different aspects of the process, making a lot of recommendations too. But it doesn't just give you links to tools you're going to need for this undertaking. It also guides you through the details of choosing a hosting service, setting up your email account, and what you can use to design your site.I noticed that this actively promotes the author's website hosting company throughout the e-book, and you might get the idea that while it does teach beginners about setting up a website, the product also reads like a sales letter for the company, since it mentions Teknon Media quite frequently. If a beginner will really take time to understand this guide, he or she will learn quite a lot about establishing a website.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

How to Build a Website: A Beginner's Crash Course
By Greg Hughes

Good crash course, but sounds like a press release,  October 12, 2007

In this e-book, Greg Hughes walks you through the steps of building a website – registering a domain name, opening a web hosting accounting, the actual designing, setting up e-mail, and finally, uploading your website.

In each step, Hughes gives substantial information on your options. For web hosting, for example, he discusses the types of web hosting like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and more and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

In the step on the actual designing and building of the website, the illustrations (sometimes with arrows pointing to relevant areas) were helpful in clarifying each sub-step. The author also gives an assessment of the different web design softwares to aid you in choosing what you feel is best for you.

My only complaint with this e-book is that it sounds like a press release. While an ad at the end or an occasional ad in the body – as long as I am clear it is an ad – is expected, I am a bit put off by the self-promotion strategically woven in the body of the e-book. Somehow, it lessens the author’s credibility.
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