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Ready to find out how to record Podcasts and profit?

Create best-selling information products without writing one word.

Stake your claim in residual profits with monthly "podcasts" that ensure members put cash in your pocket 12 times a year.

Conquer an untapped market before the masses hop on board.

No hard-to-understand "techie" hardware or software to buy

No special license or training to fight for (like regular radio broadcasts require).

Little to no money needed to get started.

A very small learning curve (you'll be up and running in no time).

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Podcasting Made Easy
By Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi
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396 of 788 people found the following review helpful:

Podcasting Made Easy
By Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi

Valuable podcasting resource,  September 07, 2007
Reviewer: Lorie Therese Locara 
Ever since I started using the Macbook, my horizons to information and resources have opened up like never before. One application on OS X that proved absolutely valuable was iTunes, and it was how I discovered Podcasting. Through Podcasts, I was able to download and listen to sermons that I would have otherwise missed. Through Podcasts, I was able to listen to valuable resources on Psychology and Self-Help. I knew the potential of Podcasting as an information medium, but since most of the resources I downloaded were free, I never really explored the possibilities of Podcasting as a moneymaking venture.

This e-book discusses the basics of creating a Podcast in detail. But over and beyond that, this e-book lets you realize exactly WHY you should be Podcasting. In this information era of ours, where knowledge in the currency, people would line up to buy your Podcasts, IF you have something important to say.

This is a valuable resource that you just mustn’t live without.
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388 of 772 people found the following review helpful:

Podcasting Made Easy
By Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi

,  September 11, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
If you're keen to get started on podcasting, then you can really benefit from this e-book. This tells you everything you need to know about podcasting, from its background and how you can make use of it. It's a well-written piece that discusses all aspects of podcasting, and it's also organized so it specially tackles different aspects of podcasting in one section. You can call this a comprehensive guide to podcasting since it provides all sorts of information, from the equipment you need to use to what topics about which you can make a podcast. It's not a very long e-book but it's still pretty packed with a lot of information, and the fact that it's quite short (with twenty-four pages) can ensure that you'll easily grasp every detail this contains. I recommend that you should give this product a go if you're new to podcasting and want to get started on it.
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$ 37.00
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Simon Hodgkinson

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