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The Expert Guide To Organizing Your Internet Marketing Information provides never-before revealed information on how to set up an organizational system for your Internet Marketing information.

The Guide takes you step-by-step through the process of designing and building your own "taxonomy" and file structure to organize and manage your internet marketing downloads and other information - like a true professional.

It even explains the key design ideas behind the revolutionary IM Index Mind Map - and how you can copy them for your own system!

Without a properly organized system, you probably waste hours and hours searching for critical files and information. Anyone who is serious about their internet marketing business needs to be serious about how they are organized.

This Guide will show you how to run your hard drive professionally.

This is a Free member download. (No Reseller Package)

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NOTE: The price of the IM Index Mind Map is going UP on the 27th September when Version 2 is released. You can buy Version 1 NOW (use the "Special SFW Member Offer Link") and get a free upgrade to Version 2.

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The Expert Guide To Organizing Internet Marketing Information
By Alex Goodall
Provided By Alex Goodall
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638 of 1154 people found the following review helpful:

The Expert Guide To Organizing Internet Marketing Information
By Alex Goodall

Excellent Organization Ideas,  March 16, 2007
Reviewer: Jeremy Gislason 
I got to talking with Alex Goodall a few months back as he is a SFW member and had some ideas on how to help people organize the over 500 and growing products they can download at SFW.

He showed me his IM Index Map system and it looks like a very useful tool for organizing your downloads.

Alex certainly knows how to organize things and has some great tips in his ebook for you.

Running your business efficiently requires being able to locate whatever you need as quickly as you can so in order not to waste time.

I think this book will help you to become more organized with the hopes you will get your business to run smoother and more efficiently.
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418 of 818 people found the following review helpful:

The Expert Guide To Organizing Internet Marketing Information
By Alex Goodall

Organize Your Success,  March 16, 2007
Reviewer: Kosta Efstathiou 
Giveaway Rights.
eBook graphics included.
Register as an affiliate to receive the promotional tools.
Can be customized.
FREE: 39 Videos Of Easy Web Design Tricks.

A few misspellings (No Big! Might be the “Queens English”)

Bottom Line:
Since most of us have or will have 1000’s of articles, eBooks, scripts and software, I suggest a quick read to help you get it all under control, IF you don’t have your own system already.

My downloads are listed in an Excel Spreadsheet with numerous category headings. And I keep every thing in separate product named folders on the 1st level of a hard drive partition. I also use symbols at the end of the folder names that identify the “Rights” of each product.
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405 of 791 people found the following review helpful:

The Expert Guide To Organizing Internet Marketing Information
By Alex Goodall

The "Expert Guide" Delivers,  March 22, 2007
Reviewer: Scott Sutherland 
I don't normally get pumped up about something that's free. And in this case, I confess that we're talking about part free, part not. I started out with the free part, but this report on getting your Internet Marketing info and tools organized was just speaking so directly to me that I decided to buy the "not free" part.

My name is Scott Sutherland, and I'm just a regular guy with a goal of replacing my corporate income with online revenue streams. I'm probably just like a lot of you.

I thought I was a pretty organized guy, and in a lot of ways I am. I use ECCO to manage my projects and my information, and it's a great tool. But I have rearranged how I organize my information I don't know how many times, because I just couldn't quite get my mind around how best to organize the stuff. And I've spent hours and hours doing it (and re-doing it).

Fortunately, I was just about to start the laborious task of organizing all the downloads I've got on my hard drive, when I came across Alex Goodall's "Expert Guide To Organizing Your Internet Marketing Information". Now I'm not only going to organize my downloads using this great tool, but I'm quite probably going to reorganize my entire project structure using it!

The free report will guide you through the problem all of us internet marketers face -- "Information Overload"! and if you don't want to buy the IM Index Mind Map, it will give you the information you need to create your own method of organizing your IM data. But the Mind Map is only $47.00 (at least for now)! If you valued your time at a measly $10 per hour, that's less than 5 hours worth of time! I PROMISE you, you WILL waste way, WAY more time than that if you don't get yourself organized like this.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Download the free report and see what you think. Watch the videos that are linked from the report (free also). I'll be VERY surprised if you can't relate, and very, VERY surprised if you don't see the value of the IM Index Mind Map!

Scott Sutherland
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

The Expert Guide To Organizing Internet Marketing Information
By Alex Goodall

Time Organization...It's great...,  April 20, 2007
How important is time to you.

To me this ebook will help any person whose in business and whose looking to become organized, in their online ventures.

Now I am organized but being able to add every little bit information on improving my time management abilities and making more strategic use of my time, is best set on things I would like to do and am looking to get done.

Not on trying to find some documents that I have recently sat down with a stack of a bunch other documents.

This will help you advance your products, help you create a system of your own and which will save you time rather wasting it looking on your hard drive for the necessary information you need right now.

But instead having all of the products, notes, ecourses, etc. all in it's own folders will save you time and money down the line.

Leveraging your time in the most important things you are looking to accomplish, this ebook will help you get started on your way.

It's just 1 tool to help you along the way and it will be up to you to truly take advantage of the notes and advice thus provided to you in this ebook.

Let's get up and take action.

By having an idea, a plan, then action will help you achieve a lot more then you ever thought possible.

Best regards,

Mr. Julio Mattos
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24 of 36 people found the following review helpful:

The Expert Guide To Organizing Internet Marketing Information
By Alex Goodall

,  April 28, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
It could be just due to personal preferences, but I didn't find this one particularly engaging. I also think it might be due to the text and paragraph formatting, which makes the whole document a bit difficult to follow because the sentences all look so fragmented and disjointed. In this case, I think reediting the arrangement of the paragraphs would be a big help. Maybe then, it would be easier to follow the e-books train of thought.

Apart from that however, the author does a pretty good job of directing his readers to his website, which promises more information and materials on the subject being discussed. As for the content itself, I admit I found myself having to reread entire chapters all over again to grasp the message.

Note: the first eight pages dwelled on the author's biography, how you can make money from the e-book, and bonuses you can receive, too. Worth a look, although I must say that it's a rather long section to pore over before you get to the heart of the subject.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

The Expert Guide To Organizing Internet Marketing Information
By Alex Goodall

too much jargon,  November 29, 2007
What I didn’t like about this e-book was that it didn’t have a “hook” to make me feel compelled to read it. But when I did, I must admit that I did learn a thing or two.

I like the author’s use of mindmapping to organize information. The detailed instructions on how to organize your downloads for your e-business, and the other aspects and information about it. What I don’t like is that its use of jargons made me go “huh?”.

For one, the heavy use of industry-dependent jargon would make your eyes bleed. So if you are not an IT or Marketing professional, you would really be lost somewhere between “mind map” and “granularity”. For crying out loud, to sell something online, do you have to have “taxonomy” too?

Most people who want to make a buck cannot be bothered with combing through a dictionary every five seconds because a word is just making them, me, scratch their (my) head/s. So you could imagine the struggle of someone who’s new to Internet Marketing through this e-book.

Any knowledge resource must make you drop your peanut butter and jelly sandwich in favor of focusing on the material. This one makes me want to go back to my pb & j. Excuse me while I do.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

The Expert Guide To Organizing Internet Marketing Information
By Alex Goodall

Practical organizing advice,  October 08, 2007

This e-book gives practical, though not very detailed advice when it comes to organizing information. This appears to be a teaser for the author’s Index Mind Map product. The author actually made a statement that it would be better if you just bought his product. In fairness, though, the information in this e-book alone is already quite helpful not only in organizing information but in also reminding just how important organizing information is and the time it will save you.

It briefly discusses the taxonomy, or the classification and subclassification of your information and how to do it effectively. It gives advice on how to anticipate just how much information you will need and get on the subject and design your taxonomy accordingly.

It also gives advice that can help you from getting information overload – it teaches how you can evaluate each piece of information you come across the net and see if it is relevant enough for you to store.
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