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Now You Can Take Control Of Your Time!

Accomplish the goals that you have always wanted to, but thought you didn't have the time for, without sacrificing time for anything else you are currently doing.

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Ultimate Techniques For Time Management
By Brad Gearhart
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

Ultimate Techniques For Time Management
By Brad Gearhart

,  May 24, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
This one provides lengthy examples about the value of time, the pace of life, etc. I can't say that it's superbly written, but there's something about it that can hold one's interest. If you're looking for some quick and easy time management tips, don't turn to this e-book, because it's best to really take your time while reading this one. The look of the e-book's pages rankles me a little bit, though, because it's all flushed to the right. It's not a problem really because it doesn't affect what this e-book is trying to say, but it simply doesn't make it look good. Interestingly, this also has a couple of chapters on work burnout and being a workaholic, which the author ties in nicely with time management. It's a very nice guide to have around, since it will really make you think harder about how you handle your duties throughout the day and think of ways to save you time and get more out of each day.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Ultimate Techniques For Time Management
By Brad Gearhart

Time management advice for office workers,  August 19, 2007
For any office worker, this book can help in managing time better – getting the job done and having a quality life at the same time. In a light and entertaining fashion, it discusses the top time killers and time savers. The advice here on having a to-do list daily, weekly and monthly is particularly good advice to take control of your time.

Gearhart offers useful tips on how to fight procrastination, how to save time in office meetings, and others. It also teaches the reader to value the time of other people.

Though the e-book is already informative as it is, it is too much confined in the office setting. Looking at the title alone, I had expected time management techniques regardless of whatever job you have – an office job, a business, or whatever. The book should be re-titled to avoid misconceptions.

The e-book was a bit dragging at first, with too many examples and flowery words talking about time, but became serious and informative later on. The poem about time at the end of the book is a fitting ending.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Ultimate Techniques For Time Management
By Brad Gearhart

I love the principles, I love the writing style, I recommend this!!!,  September 14, 2007
Reviewer: Lorie Therese Locara 
When I opened this e-book, the table of contents alone told me that I needed this resource like my life depended on it. I am a horrid, horrid time-manager, and reading the principles here, I totally agreed with the author, Brad Gearhart.

Take for example the fact that we seem to believe that we have 24 hours to do our jobs and to cram our days with all the activities we can. Honestly, his words chastened, humbled and sobered me. I mean, it totally makes sense that in our 24 hours, we sleep 7 on average, and I sleep 4-6, then we still eat, take a bath, answer the call of nature, and thus that leaves us with a little over 10 hours for productivity. Oh. No wonder I get nearly nothing done.

And he points out that severe time-wasters include talking on the phone, people who talk too much and hog our attention and time, among other things. His tip is simple: prioritize and mind your time.

What I like too is his checklist of notes on whether one is a workaholic and/or headed for, or even already in, burnout. When he said that, my eyes glazed over because I was positive for workaholism. Burnout, sometimes I reach that point. But I do have a main energy booster that he never mentioned: God.

But anyway, I do love his bottom line: that we only have one life to live and that we should live it to the fullest. With time management, as he said, it is all a matter of self-management. How so totally true.
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