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Valentine Hearts Guide for Guys is a resource filled with ideas for planning the perfect Valentines day for your sweetheart.

The book is full of ideas and useful suggestions for planning dates, getting reservations, cooking special meals, choosing cards, gifts, and flowers, and a host of other things.

It is a giveaway product that has rebrandable links to affiliate products related to Valentines and gift giving.

The free download comes with the ability to rebrand 11 of the links to your affiliate links. The ebook can then be given away to your email list or posted on your website.

This is a Silver Member download.

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Valentine Hearts Guide for Guys
By Chanson L. Amour
Provided By Mike Broadwell

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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

Valentine Hearts Guide for Guys
By Chanson L. Amour

,  February 19, 2008
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
I suppose the release of this e-book here came a few days late, what with Valentine's Day having concluded a couple of days before, but anyway, it's still a good idea to take a look at this e-book; you may get plenty of ideas the next time Valentine's Day rolls around, or if you simply need some romantic ideas.

Anyway, this is a nicely written (although imperfect when it comes to some typos and all, but who's paying attention to those anyway?) resource on all things Valentine's Day. It talks about the day itself and how it came to be, and it also gives plenty of ideas for planning a date, a gift, or a surprise on this day. It's a nice and very lighthearted e-book and you'll definitely derive some pleasure out of reading it. All the advice it contains will really help. I definitely recommend keeping this e-book handy for future romantic plans!
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful:

Valentine Hearts Guide for Guys
By Chanson L. Amour

Looks like good advice,  February 20, 2008

I am not a guy, but I would say that women would think it nice if their men read this book and apply the advice here. =) And yes, the advice here looks particularly sensitive and well-thought of. The information is quite extensive – date ideas, gifts (there’s a whole section on flowers too!), and what to do when things go out as planned. Some date ideas also look novel and interesting ride – like picking up your date in a horse-drawn carriage. Some date ideas are simple but sweet – like a simple, romantic, home-cooked dinner (good thing the author also suggests good recipe books here!). The love-related quote at the beginning of each chapter is also a nice touch – though I am not sure if guys would appreciate that.

For the single guys who want to go out on Valentine’s Day and the guys who are new in their relationships but thinking of asking their partner out on Hearts Day, the author gives some good pep talk and advice.

The poems at the end are also a nice touch, though I would advise guys to take the time to research poems that would be appropriate to the particular emotion they want to express.

While the content is good, this book could use some more editing and proofreading. Other than that, though, this book is a good read.
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