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Niche Product - Health

Over a 120 Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipes That Give You More Energy and Stamina!"

Just whip up one of these yummy smoothies whenever you need an energy boost!

What could you do if you had more Energy? How many times have you thought 'if I only had more energy, I could get more done'? Almost everyday I bet!

What do you do when you find your energy lagging? Go for something with Caffeine? Sugar? Junk food? This is what most of do, and it does help us briefly but then we come crashing down, feeling drained and needing more.

"Smoothies for Athletes" will make you feel like an athlete! You'll have more energy to tackle all those things you have to get done everyday! Getting more done will help you feel better mentally because you feel like you've accomplished so much more each day!

Plus these free bonuses are also included:

Amazing Weight Loss and Health Tips-
33 pages of health tips!

Summer Party Cooking Recipes-
73 pages of delicious recipes to serve your guests!

And you get full resell rights to this Niche product!

You get the Niche product and complete website. Just plug in your name and address, upload it to your web site and start making sales. You keep the money!

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Smoothies for Athletes
By Ryan Lee and Cathy Leslie
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Retail Value: $9.95

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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful:

Smoothies for Athletes
By Ryan Lee and Cathy Leslie

,  June 12, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
The package doesn't just contain the 'Smoothies For Athletes' document, but two extras called 'Amazing Weight Loss and Health Tips' and 'Summer Party Cookbook'. I like how the primary product contains a detailed author's biography, which would really reassure readers that he knows what he's talking about! The smoothies recipes are plentiful and they all sound pretty tasty, but it's also great that each smoothie's nutritional information is included in the file. Perfect for the health conscious. I'd have to disagree that these are smoothies just for athletes, because they all sound particularly healthy and yummy and even non-athletes would be sure to enjoy this.

The two extra materials are of good quality as well. The best part about this package is, not only is it free, but you're also free to distribute this. It's definitely ideal for health, sports, and fitness niche websites, or maybe even for websites about food and drinks.
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful:

Smoothies for Athletes
By Ryan Lee and Cathy Leslie

A rainbow of recipes,  September 11, 2007

This e-book has smoothie recipes of what appears to be all fruits in the color wheel – it gives athletes a lot of options, never to be tired with the same old recipes. The ingredients, too, are mostly healthy and thus also aims to keep athletes healthy.

This e-book also appears authoritative as it has an exercise expert as an author and a gourmet chef as a contributing writer.

The calorie, carbohydrate, fat and protein information of each smoothie is a good reference for those watching their weight, or for athletes who are monitoring all their calorie, carbohydrate, fat and protein intake for better performance.

What would help, though, is if the benefit of each recipe is mentioned. For example, one smoothie could be ideal for strenuous workout, another for replenishing body fluids and so on. It would also help if the smoothies were grouped according to purpose or benefits instead of just listing them alphabetically.

All in all, this is a good, yummy and healthy read for athletes.

The companion e-books here of recipes and weight loss tips are also good companion books, but not necessarily for athletes only.
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