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Gold Membership Downloads -- General Interests >>Self Improvement >> Stop Addictive Habits

Too much of something is bad enough and when your addictions go overboard, you should know that it is time for you to stop them before they gain full control of your system, before you reach that point of no return.

Few of the topics include:
* Addiction Basics
* Lifestyle Changes
* Reward Accomplishments
* Many more

This is a GOLD member download.

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Stop Addictive Habits
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Retail Value: $7.00

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Member Testimonial's
Hi Jeremy,

Where to begin, I have been actively learning and marketing on the Internet for almost 3 years. I have tried many software programs and online opportunities hoping make to money and to build my online business.

Since May 27, 2005 things have started going in the right direction, starting with some real positive changes, which include meeting some online marketing friends of yours; Jeremy Burns, Simon Hodgkinson, and of course Darryl Graham.

What helped the most was making the decision in May to join the Best Membership site on the Internet

With your recommendation of the ISO Package, The Ultimate License, and Key2Net, along with your promotion of these and other great products and services, many doors that have been closed are now open for my company. Thanks to you and your Network!!

I Highly Recommend’s Gold Membership to anyone who is interested in starting an online business or anyone who wants to reinvent or improve his/her current business.

I have definitely turned the corner with your endless list of marketable products and services and your good marketing practices such as being very honest and your ability to way over-deliver, which is GREAT for all SWF members!!

My SWF Gold Membership has greatly increased my value of services to my customers and has totally changed my business in less than three months! I look forward to the next 3 months with great anticipation to see what you come up with next!

Also, I highly recommend everyone read one of the wonderful books that you promoted through your SFW website. It is one that I would never have read unless it was a part of the membership. There is one SENTENCE in the book that has moved my business and ME into a new way of thinking already. The name of this awesome book is: “The Rapid Manifestation Training Course”.

Thanks again for everything,

Your net Friend,
Bill Wardell
Hi Jeremy!

I just want to say a BIG thank you! I joined your site via a special subscription offer you were doing and I absolutely love being a member! You have some excellent stuff on this site. I love looking through it all and do you know what the best bit of all is?

This site is my starting point for my business! Yes, I will be starting on the net using this site as my platform for getting going!

I just wanted to say I think you will do really well. This site is very user friendly and you do feel part of something!

Caroline Lingard

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