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Here are a few things you'll learn from The Rapid Manifestation Training Course...

How the law of attraction works, and how you can use it to start attracting your wildest dream today...

How you can attract massive riches today by only change your state of being...

A Secret Technique that you can use to magically find your lost friend or attract your soul mate...

How does the science of quantum physics can help you to create the life you want precisely...

Why your perception of time may have caused the major problems you are having now...

I read this book myself several times and it is very thought provoking. This is highly recommended for those interested in self improvement and goal setting towards success.

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The Rapid Manifestation Training Course
By Song Chengxiang
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402 of 801 people found the following review helpful:

The Rapid Manifestation Training Course
By Song Chengxiang

,  June 25, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
It's a decent enough product, and I daresay it makes plenty of sense. I just wish it was written in a much better way. The typos are kind of distracting. It's a self-help guide and it contains plenty of reminders for people to learn how to attract positivity to themselves.

I like the instruction inserted here recommending that the readers print this out. It's not especially long, but something like this product which has major lessons to impart, and which are instructional guides to living well, is harder to follow on a screen.

It's a pretty relaxed e-book and you can just imagine the author trying to speak to you in a calm, soothing, encouraging manner. Lots of good advice all around, and also contains some useful bonus lessons to keep in mind. Take a break from your pursuit of your personal fortune and take the time to check out this e-book.
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394 of 785 people found the following review helpful:

The Rapid Manifestation Training Course
By Song Chengxiang

A well-thought approach on the law of attraction,  August 23, 2007

A good, thought-provoking read, especially if you have goals – especially big ones – you want to achieve. Though it pretty much covers what other basic law of attraction books do, it takes a combination of a scientific and philosophical approach. I especially like the discussion on the principle of connections. This is the only law of attraction e-book so far that comprehensively explained this and how you should apply it. As the author, Song Chengxiang, discusses each principle of rapid manifestation, he also gives exercises from the likes of Deepak Chopra and other well-known thinkers to practically apply these principles.

The book gives some surprising, though useful advice. I was particularly amused with the philosophical, humorous, but at the same time practical advice of “Remind yourself [about] the truth that at the quantum level, you are already rich.” The bonus lessons after the principles were discussed are also a good companion to the principles discussed.

This book would be better though, with a little editing as there are some errors in grammar that interrupt the flow of reading.
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393 of 784 people found the following review helpful:

The Rapid Manifestation Training Course
By Song Chengxiang

A must have,  December 29, 2007
Reviewer: Ralston Heath 
This is a great little book that is a great starter book. It should be used to get people started on the path of the "new" discovery of "The Secret."

Too bad you can't rebrand this book with your own links, other than that I would say it is a great viral marketing tool that you should be willing to use as a bonus for your own offer.
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