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This eBook will put a sparkle into even the most jaded relationship.

The stresses and strains of our hectic lives means that sometimes we neglect the people who mean the most to us - our partners.

But this exciting new eBook from Romance Guru Michael Webb aims to change all that. He describes 101 romantic ideas that cost little or nothing to do but speak volumes to the one you love. And as you don't need to spend a fortune, you can start as soon as you have downloaded the manual.

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101 Romantic Ideas
By Michael Webb
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213 of 419 people found the following review helpful:

101 Romantic Ideas
By Michael Webb

Extremely heavy sweetness factor,  April 09, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
Mushiness alert! This seems to be written specifically for male readers looking for ways to woo the women they love, since the ideas shared are mainly focused on making a woman feel special. It's not a bad collection, really, and Michael Webb seems to have had fun thinking of all 101 romantic moves. I say it's worth a look and a download, provided you really don't balk at such recommendations and are willing to try these out.

Apart from men who need suggestions for romantic dates, another group who will benefit from this e-book's content are those who run romance and dating websites. We all know that people are incredibly big fans of love, romance, and dating topics, and your visitors will definitely appreciate what this e-book has to offer.

The end of the e-book enumerates other works written by the author. Thanks to the content found in this one, I'm actually curious to read more about his thoughts and opinions on relationships.
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206 of 408 people found the following review helpful:

101 Romantic Ideas
By Michael Webb

Tips to make you a knight in shining armor,  October 30, 2007

This e-book is indeed written with men in mind. However, women would find this an entertaining read too. And yes, women can use some of the tips here too.

Some of the ideas here are practical and thoughtful, especially those that would make a woman smile after a busy, tiring day. Some ideas are downright mushy – and I daresay, even corny – but maybe that’s the point. While some would scoff at such ideas (the message on the plastic red rose is a real winner!), they might just get weak in the knees when they are in the receiving end.

Some of the ideas here are the usual romantic ideas while some are novel and require more effort.

Men – especially those who have no idea how to add romance to the relationship – should definitely read this e-book! But of course, sincerity is still key for any idea in this e-book to really work its magic.
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207 of 409 people found the following review helpful:

101 Romantic Ideas
By Michael Webb

Seriously melt-your-heart mushy!,  November 08, 2007
Reviewer: Lorie Therese Locara 
Honestly, I had mixed feelings reading this e-book. At first I was really excited to read it, because, c’mon, what girl won’t actually feel butterflies in her stomach when it comes to romantic stuff, right? But when I started reading it, I decided to not read through to the end, because I didn’t want to disappoint myself if my fiance won’t do these things for me.

So I decided to just pass the e-book on to him, so that he’ll get the picture and do this mushiness for me!

And yes, I must tell you how innovative and melt-your-heart-into-hershey’s-kisses-in-the-sun the ideas are. So really, if you are a wife, fiancee, or girlfriend, I suggest that you don’t read this. Just pass it on to your boytoy and cross your fingers that he’ll get a clue.

And I’m really, totally, absolutely serious about you not reading this yourself. Serious! So don’t! Pass this to hubby/fiance/boyfriend, quick! NO PEEKING!

If you peek and read too much, you will cry.. I nearly did! (Or maybe I really just am a mushball..)
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