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Think your kitchen is safe and free from harm? Think again!

Even seasoned cooks may be surprised to learn that what everyone dismisses as a 'bug going around' may be, horror of horrors - food poisoning.

Find out just what goes on while your back is turned - and how to deal with it.

Learn how many harmful bacteria can lurk under just one wedding ring. (Hint: the answer equals the population of just one country - but which one?)

Find out who's who in the world of microbes and how they can survive against all the odds.

Discover why killing bacteria is only half the story and how they reach out from beyond the grave.

Michael Sheridan also has a great website related to cooking. You can also get your own branded copy of this ebook by following instructions inside after download.

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Hygiene in the Kitchen
By Michael Sheridan
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:

Hygiene in the Kitchen
By Michael Sheridan

,  May 13, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
This one is written in a fairly humorous tone, which can be cute and fun but is not pulled off too nicely in some sections. Hygiene In The Kitchen isn't just about keeping your cooking and food preparation area clean, it is mainly about keeping it free from disease-causing bacteria. You can get tips here on what's the best cooking equipment to use, how to handle raw food, and other ways to make sure the way you manage your kitchen keeps it free from bacteria. I find it amusing how the bacteria mentioned here are even given some nicknames and are spoken of as if they're actual persons, so that really lends a quite funny quality. A great big bonus about this product is that it's completely free from The Cool Cook's Club. So if you have an itch to spread the word about this subject and avoiding disease, or you need to enlist help from people in your household to keep the kitchen and all cooking equipment clean, you can freely distribute it.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

Hygiene in the Kitchen
By Michael Sheridan

Must-read for anyone with a kitchen – meaning everyone!,  August 23, 2007

This book is packed with information everyone needs to know about the bacteria that lurk in the kitchen, and how they can infect your food and cause illness if you are not careful. This is especially recommended for households with children, particularly babies. Knowing just how much bacteria can populate a kitchen really surprised me. Through this book I learned the right temperature for cooking and heating so as to kill bacteria and what to do control and kill them.

Written in a conversational, witty style with humor injected at the right places, this book kept me reading without stopping.

Though I am not too keen on applying everything here (in our house we have been doing many things contrary to this book and we have not yet been poisoned or infected), it would be best to apply everything here for households with babies and very young children whose immune system may still be a bit weak.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful:

Hygiene in the Kitchen
By Michael Sheridan

Great selling book,  March 13, 2012
Reviewer: Earl H. Roberts 
For the past year Hygiene In The Kitchen has been my second best seller. Customers are sending people to my web site and suggesting this title. I'm collecting a good reputation just for offering this book.
Bug descriptions, problems, situations and advice are mingled in pure, clean English so that the master of the kitchen can determine what the best course is to be followed. After reading the advice I use most of it myself.
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