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Ever Wanted To Discover Why A Lot Of People Are Addicted To Fly Fishing? Ever Wanted To Give It A Shot But You Never Knew Where To Start?

Fly fishing is an activity that only experience can properly teach. There are no ifs and buts about it. If you want to learn this fabulous pastime, you have to go out there and fish!

There lies the problem.

How will you know what to fish for?
How will you know where to fish?
How will you know what, exactly, you need?
How will you know the best conditions for fly fishing?
How will you know what artificial baits work best?
More so, how will you know which artificial baits are best for the kind of fish you want to catch?

Surely, experience must start somewhere. But as a beginner to the sport, how do you know the things you need to know when you commence on this passion?

Finally, All The Information You Will Ever Need To Begin A Wonderful Love Affair With Fly Fishing Compiled In An Essential Tome For Beginners And Intermediate Anglers Alike.

This is The One Resource That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About The Passion Of Fly Fishing And The Many Wonderful Things Associated With It.

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All About Fly Fishing
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395 of 785 people found the following review helpful:

All About Fly Fishing

A wonderful read,  August 10, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn Lopez 
Now this is truly a niche product, one that will really be most useful for people with a great interest in this topic. Yet even though you yourself may not be involved with fly fishing or have no intention of taking up the hobby, you will still find this a very interesting read, since it also speaks of passion, interest, and gives you some pretty cool factoids about the origins of fly fishing. When you get through the whole thing, you will know that this e-book is geared more towards the beginner, though people who have been into the hobby/sport for a while may also find some useful pointers. It is definitely an educational read and could even get more people interested in fly fishing, I believe. It would have made a good product for any niche website related to fly fishing, but seeing as this is only meant to be kept for personal use, then this is best downloaded by enthusiasts and curious people.
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385 of 767 people found the following review helpful:

All About Fly Fishing

Wonderful, lovingly done resource!,  November 27, 2007
Reviewer: Lorie Therese Locara 
I don’t have an interest in reading about fishing, but that one day when I went catching catfish with my parents was one memorable day for me. I was surprised that anyone could be this passionate about fly fishing. For one, this e-book is of that kind that should actually be published. Number two, fly fishing seemed so valuable to the anonymous writer (this e-book was just labeled “brought to you by SFW”) because it marked memories in his life. Reading about the touching preface just pulls you in. Then lastly, the instructions were so detailed that it even had pictures of how to tie the knots and tables about bait. I would say that this e-book was lovingly done.

It is rare that people put much thought and preparation in the content and the presentation of their products nowadays, but this one is a rarity. I may not like reading about fly fishing, but I sure liked reading this!
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385 of 767 people found the following review helpful:

All About Fly Fishing

Educational, but improve presentation,  February 29, 2008

I know fishing, but not fly fishing, and this e-book gave me a good understanding on exactly what is fly fishing. This is a very detailed resource on fly fishing, giving a good explanation, history and background about it – and of course, the practical aspect of how to get started if you are interested but do not have any idea. And yes, how to do it right – and well. I would even daresay that fly fishing is a skill, or even an art, as it takes some study and practice to do it well.

All the sections here have detailed information. The equipment section is particularly very thorough – detailed descriptions as well as illustrations. The illustrations could have been a bit bigger, though.

I noticed that throughout the e-book the author uses black and white illustrations, with just some colored ones. I have nothing against black and white, but colored ones are more visually appealing.

As the e-book is quite long, I wish there was a table of contents – make that a clickable table of contents.
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