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404 of 799 people found the following review helpful:

Product Reviewed: Roulette Winning Betting Strategies Revealed
By: Kevin Belington
Review Title: This ebook can damage your wealth.
Date Reviewed: June 07, 2008
Reviewer: Ross Giddings 
This ebook is poorly written and highly misleading.

If it was a method to make money from playing roulette why is it loaded with affiliate links to a gambling site which has an affiliate system based on "a generous 30% profit share for every customer you refer".

In other words if you don't lose the writer/distributor of this ebook doesn't make money.

Figure it out for yourself. The methods suggested here are guaranteed to make you lose money.

Should not be available on this site or anywhere else.
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Comment By: Terence Bratley Comment Date: June 07, 2008
I totally agree, it is thinly disguised spam. The English is poor to say the least as well, for instance one of the headings is "A Litter Bit About Me".

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