Love PLR… BUT Hate This BIG Problem? (solved for you)

October 19th, 2014

If you’re like us , chances are you have ‘mixed feelings’ about private label rights…

* On the plus side PLR can save you a fortune in development costs

* PLR can mean you have a product to sell NOW and not 3 months later

* And in most cases you can make a decent return on any PLR investment


* On the down side, sometimes it feels like every man and his dog bought the same darn license as you… (so it’s hard to standout and be unique with your own offer)

And in most cases there always seems to be some license owners who almost give stuff away… which makes it hard to compete and sometimes harder to make any kind of decent profit after you’ve spent your hard earned cash…

YES it sucks and unfortunately it happens to pretty much EVERY PLR type license out there.

But NOT with this ‘VARIATION’

Now before we explain why, we want to point out that the link above is a time sensitive one, you can use it to pick up our top selling WordPress PLR kit at a special discount right now (okay warning over with, let’s get back to what we were talking about)

You see as a PLR users ourselves, when we put the Tutorial Mixer package together we wanted to give license owners all the benefits of PLR but to limit all the downside…

SO rather than you getting 1 product to sell on it’s own ‘Tutorial Mixer’ is very different

As the name suggests – You get to ‘MIX & MATCH’ your own package of training for your own customers…

And with over 150 videos (and growing) it means that the chances of you offering a package of training like someone else is pretty slim.

You can create small, low cost deals with just a few videos or ramp it up and create more in-depth courses and packages (up to 20 videos) …

Some users offer the small packages upfront then a more meatier deal as higher priced upsells and are making a fortune doing it.

The key point is YOU get to choose – And you get to create specialized, niche collections that are unique to you (Just without the development costs or time suck usually involved in creating your own products…) Sweet Eh?

We also add new videos to the pack regularly and provide you with all the training, tips and ideas to go from ZERO to making sales in a short a time as possible.

Plus+ a generic sales video you can use for pretty much any pack you put out and a KILLER fill-in-the -blanks sales page template…

AND… and this is a BIG one…

With any topic such as WordPress, standard PLR can get obsolete very fast – If WP updates their software for instance you end up with videos that are almost useless or at best dated and unprofessional

Not with TM as we include ‘insurance’ that should anything change we will update the videos for you to reflect the changes at no extra cost…

… that means what you buy now will be just as fresh and just as profitable in 6 months time as it is right now!

Seen anyone else offering that kind of commitment when it comes to their PLR packages?..

no we didn’t think so either :-)

For full details & a demo of this offer at:

You see, Tutorial Mixer is kinda like being handed the keys to the factory and then getting the chance to mix up the raw ingredients and create something very cool for yourself… (but without the hassles and costs of building or paying the factory worker’s wages)

Putting this together and solving the ‘downsides’ of PLR for all our users was also pretty pricey

There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of $$$’s invested in all those videos and it took many MONTHS to do – We sweated blood and spent cash like it was made of chocolate :-)

So as you can imagine we were never going to give access away for “peanuts”

It’s PRIMO stuff with a very cool advantage over other PLR deals…

BUT we did price waay lower than it really should have been – At first we planned $697+ for a years access – and considering users can make tons of unique products to sell themselves in a hyper-hot niche (WordPress) we genuinely believed that would have been more than fair…

But it would have been very elitist and our business philosophy is we make money by helping others make money

Therefore it makes sense to us that by helping MORE people make money we in turn make more –

– So we ditched the “guru only” level pricing and settled on just $197 for a year

Now sure, that might not seem like ‘budget’ pricing when you can typically pick up a single product with PLR for about 20 bucks these days (but you get what you pay for in many cases)

BUT remember this isn’t a single product, it’s potentially dozens of them, front end offers, upsells, member products, help desk videos to reduce your refunds and support, complimentary add-ons for selling themes or plugins and much more… depending on how creative you want to get

And in terms of real value for our license owners it’s a bloody bargain!

Some members have already made tens of thousands of dollars using this collection the smart way and as far as refunds go it’s less than 0.5% which goes to show no one likes giving back a ‘golden goose’ whilst it’s still laying big fat eggs!

HOWEVER we wanted to make sure that no one who wants to get a real look at what quality PLR actually feels like should miss out

We know that for some people who get our emails, dropping $197 on a license is a big investment (and if it’s your first time, we know it must sound like a better deal to spend a fraction of that elsewhere – although the real PLR profiteers know that’s not normally the case)

So here’s what we are doing to ensure you don’t miss out on something that has the real possibility of making you a ton of sales and a huge ROI

Today you can SNEAK IN and secure a Tutorial Mixer PLR license for just half price – just our way of saying thanks for being one of our valued subscribers and customers.

Seriously, put on your ninja gear and jump in on this:

(And if you decide to renew in 12 months time you can also renew at the same discounted rate so this really is a DOUBLE DISCOUNT)

As we assume you like making money online (and aren’t just reading these messages for fun) and that you will almost certainly want to renew next year to keep getting the extra videos a year from now, this deal basically means that acting now is a $100 saving but most likely $200+ because when it comes to renewals in 12 months time you’ll still get the half price link :-)

Visit the page now and invest just a few minutes of your time to see everything on offer, check out the main site, check out the demo pages etc.

(just don’t order via the main page though)

use the discount link ON THIS PAGE:

to lock in at the low price

Okay we appreciate this email is getting long but as you can see this is by no means an ordinary offer and we genuinely believe (even though we built it) that it’s one of the smartest investments you can make online today

No joking here: If this wasn’t something we were selling it would be something we would be buying and we’d be happy to pay ten times the amount because of the potential to make SO MUCH MORE…

… The good news is you don’t have to, heck you don’t even need to pay regular price (as long as you take action today and don’t let this bargain slip from your fingers)

We hope to see you on the inside of this soon and we look forward to hearing of your successes with it

Remember you get
– Instant Access to 150+ original, high quality WP videos with PLR
– Fully Updated for WordPress V4 roll out
– 2 Brand New Modules 16 and 17 not even shown on the sales page
– New video modules & videos added monthly
– Updates to videos as needed for future new WP versions
– Discount locked in 12 months from now for renewal
(double the savings)

Trust us you will NOT find a better offer anywhere else offering the quality of PLR WP videos you get from us – claim your private discount now at:

Once the timer hits zero this offer is over so we hope you get this special offer in time

To Your Success!

Warm Regards
Jeremy Gislason

P.S. The special discount will only be around for another week then the page will be gone and the only way in will be through the front door at double or triple the price

So do be bold, do check everything out as soon as you can and then start ‘mixing’ it up and grabbing some of the cash that’s due you:


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Get a License to Loads of Content + Extra Bonuses

October 13th, 2014

Right now you can grab a license to a heap of really awesome content *PLUS* get our extra *Bonus* package:

In order to make money in any Internet based business, the NUMBER ONE thing you need to have is a product of your own.

Without your own product you cannot even offer an incentive to join your mailing list!

The problem most people have is either they don’t have the time or the skills to create their own products from scratch.

(Hey, we know how it is)

So what if you could just make a few clicks, checkout, snap your fingers and have a whole line of products ready to use to get more leads, sales and free up your time?

That’s where this amazing deal comes into play for you!

Just use this link for all the juicy details:

We don’t recommend too many licensing offers other than our own but this is one that we felt we just had to let you know about.

Heads up – This is only open for a short time then it’s all over so you’ll need to be quick to grab it.

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy Gislason

P.S. No need to contact our help desk or anything after purchase, just login to your JVZoo customer portal area after purchase and you’ll see the bonus download next to your purchase.

P.S.S. Already bought this product before you saw our bonus offer? Well you can get our bonus by buying it again through our link :)


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Cool New Web App …

October 9th, 2014

We’ve been using this on all our sites for months now and we finally opened it up for the public to use as well – this means you can use the exact same cutting edge technology we use ourselves to grow our business faster, smarter & better.

Check out our new web app – Attention Monkey

here’s why this matters to you …

Are you promoting an offer that could create a huge payday for you…

but people seem to NOT take notice?

Maybe you’ve redesigned your banner ads until you’re blue in the face?

hey we know how you feel…

But now you can stop wasting your time with old-fashioned, out-of-date methods to grab your visitor’s attention.

The Good News Is: You don’t need to redesign your entire website, and make it look ugly and unprofessional, just because people don’t notice your more profitable offers!

There is a better way :)

Get our new web app – Attention Monkey

Attention Monkey lets you keep your website clean and professional and doesn’t require you to hire expensive graphic designers, yet it still has the power to stop web surfers in their tracks, and forces them to take notice of your lucrative offers!

Pretty cool… but How?

By adding an attention grabbing notification bars to the top or bottom of your page.

Undoubtedly, you have encountered these sorts of attention grabbing bars popping up from the bottom, or down from the top of your favorite internationally esteemed websites.

(They are hard to ignore, even though they don’t upset your user experience.)

This is why Fortune 500 companies use them,  and why we created our own version of this method by building an app that incorporates all the features used by the best on the web!

With Attention Monkey, you can add an attention-grabbing bar to ANY web-page in just seconds and without installing or setting up any kind of software/script

You see, because this is a web based app there’s
Nothing to install…
Nothing to update…
No complicated set up…
PLUS updates & new features are ALWAYS 100%
FREE for the life of your account!

It’s time to put yourself in the driving seat

Click Here For Full Details

Once launch phase is over the lifetime option will be gone and not publicly available ever again

It’s definitely the best deal but you can of course try it out on the monthly option.

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy Gislason

P.S. Remember for a very limited time we’re offering LIFETIME ACCOUNTS with no monthly fees or rebills, unlimited bars for all your web pages, blogs and promotions …

Secure your spot now and you’ll save 55% off the regular pricing right – click here



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Super Affiliate or just a ‘Wannabe’?

October 9th, 2014

No one enjoys being a ‘runner up’…

And when it comes to making money online as an affiliate the difference between hitting the top spot on a leaderboard and coming in 2nd, 3rd (or worse outside the top 10) can be tens of thousands of dollars LOST!

Hopefully you picked up our Free report ‘Commission Miner’ yesterday

(if not CLICK HERE to download it)

but today we want to help you take things to the next level…

We’ve put together a training video course also called ‘Commission Miner’ and it’s a MUST SEE if you want to rock those leaderboards and bank thousands each month in commissions…

Just click right here to watch the video

No one else is teaching this stuff

– Inside the course you’ll discover:

– The two factors that separate the super affiliates from the wannabes – if you want to start cashing those big commission checks too, then you need to start doing these two things ASAP!

– Our little-known yet extremely profitable tactic for making money when delivering a free bonus gifts to buyers (hardly anyone does this, but those who do are quietly making a killing!)

– A devious way to overlay your bonus offers on top of a vendor’s sales page – it’s not hacking, but it’s a deadly effective way to crush your competition!

– The surprising way to ride the coattails of the vendor’s promotions and other affiliate’s hard work to pocket your own big commissions.

Don’t miss out on this (and don’t let the competition get a head start on you) go check out the video now and start pulling down commission checks like a boss!

Click Here to Watch the Video

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy Gislason

P.S. We can’t wait to show you the secret psychological commission boosting techniques that will propel you to the top of your marketplace and look forward to seeing you topping those affiliate leaderboards.

Get Started Now – Click Here


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Free Report – Commission Miner

October 6th, 2014

If you’ve been marketing online for any length of time you’ll probably have promoted the occasional affiliate product…

you may even be promoting affiliate products as a core business model?

If you are then you need to download our new special report: “Commission Miner”

Click Here to Download it Now

Inside you’ll discover how to:

Supercharge your affiliate commissions and blow your competition away.

Become an authority in your niche and the go-to person in your market.

Increase your conversions (and sales) by an ASTONISHING amount!

Don’t be last to put these tactics to work for you, grab your copy now and make your next commission check a BIG one!

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy Gislason

P.S. If you thought competing with the big/super affiliates was tough this report will show you how easy it really can be – Download your copy now and blow ‘em out of the water!

Click Here to Download it Now


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