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How to Have Successful Email Campaigns
By: Robert Burko
Everyone knows that it\'s important to have goals. This is something children learn when they are young and it is a lesson that does not ...

Emails: How Frequently Should You Send Them To Your Mailing List
By: Robert Burko
An increasing amount of businesses are adopting email marketing and experiencing firsthand how it can aid them in achieving their marketing objectives at a much ...

How to Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns
By: Robert Burko
Email marketing can be a very effective tool in your marketing arsenal. It is cost effective and will often produce a greater ROI than your ...

Email Marketing For Landscapers
By: Robert Burko
Email marketing will bring your landscaping business return customers throughout the seasons. Email marketing is so cost-effective and has so many benefits. It is something ...

Email Marketing Software For Local Cultural Attractions
By: Robert Burko
Email marketing software is designed to save you time and money. And those are two things that your local cultural attraction could use as the ...

Email Marketing Solutions Success for Local Stores
By: Robert Burko
In tougher economic times, email marketing is the best way to drive repeat business for your local store. It offers a simple three step process ...

Email Marketing Terms To Know
By: Robert Burko
When evaluating email marketing software, it is important to know some buzz words, key words, and things to consider so that you are properly informed. ...

Email Marketing Software Terminology
By: Robert Burko
When doing some research on email marketing software, it is important to know some buzz words, key words, and things to consider so that you ...

An Educated Perspective On Email Marketing Software
By: Robert Burko
You\\\'ve already discovered that email marketing is the most cost-effective way to drive repeat business. Now, you need to determine: What is the most cost-effective ...

Email Marketing Software Boosts Business With ECoupons
By: Robert Burko
Email marketing software has long been praised for its ability to help businesses keep in contact with customers, boost their brand, and drive traffic to ...

Email Marketing Software A Key Ingredient For Restaurants
By: Robert Burko
Email marketing software may not make your food taste better, but what it will do is help pack your tables and fill your reservation sheet. ...

Email Marketing Software Encourages Repeat Purchases
By: Robert Burko
Ask any businessperson and they will always tell you that it is far easier to keep an existing customer, than to acquire a brand new ...

Email Marketing
By: Robert Burko
Email marketing experienced yet another year of explosive growth as more and more businesses around the globe have discovered how easy, affordable and effective email ...

Email Marketing Holiday Tips
By: Robert Burko
Every year as the holiday season rolls around, marketers from all walks of life kick it into high gear and maintain a frenzied pace to ...

Email Flyers Make Traditional Paper Flyers A Thing Of The Past
By: Robert Burko
Years ago many businesses might have claimed that sending out paper flyers to their customers was a highly effective form of advertising. Just about every ...

Email Marketing Software Gives MySpace Artists An Extra Edge
By: Robert Burko
The competition for attention on MySpace is intense. Each band, musician, artist, comedian, actor, etc, is vying for attention and aiming to stand out from ...

Email Marketing Software Can Reel In Customers During The Holidays
By: Robert Burko
Whenever the holiday season approaches, retailers and e-tailers (online retailers) kick it into high gear and prepare for the mad rush of shoppers. But in ...

Email Marketing Boosts Your Brand
By: Robert Burko
In today’s economy of intense competition, a company’s brand is of paramount importance. This is further enhanced by the fact that the Internet makes your ...

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I’ve been with Perkzilla from version 1, and Beta V2 has been released, with awesome new features and a slick new interface. Viral share is GREAT, and tiering your reward system is huge incentive for folks who want that grand prize. I discovered a very small bug where the submission form wasn’t rendering quite right […]

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