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Computers and Technology
Computer articles and technology articles and tips to help you with data recovery, programming, removing spyware and viruses, recommended software to use and more

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How To Create Google Sitemaps In 7 Easy Steps
By Nelson Tan
In case you haven\'t heard of Google Sitemaps (BETA), it is a new program set up by Google to encourage webmasters to create a special XML-format sitemap file for Google to spider through. If you go through the official page, you will find yourself boggled if you are not very good at programming.
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5 Money-On-Demand Secrets To Creating Great Adsense Sites
By Nelson Tan
The rage to milk money from Adsense continues into 2012. While there are many different ways to do this, it\'s no secret Google is keeping a watchful eye on spam sites which automatically generate pages consistently on a daily basis.
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Authority Sites On The Rise
By Nelson Tan
As Web 2.0 becomes less of just a buzzword and more of a reality, the types of sites webmasters need to publish will increasingly become more important.
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How To Recondition A Laptop Battery
By Bofee Wen
Like all rechargeable battery packs, laptop batteries eventually lose their ability to hold a full charge. Although it\'s not possible to make a battery pack perform like new again (unless the cells are replaced), it is possible to improve cell performance by reconditioning or calibrating some laptop battery packs.
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Audio Enhancement for Aging Media
By Nuuk Larsen
Technology is taking us to new places with audio. During lectures, conferences, speeches, press gatherings and other types of speaking engagements, the speaker commonly uses complex audio equipment and teams for direct audio enhancement.
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Modern Audio Forensics
By Nuuk Larsen
Forensic audio deals in the scientific and professional investigation (including the technology and tools used) to determine the authenticity of sound where it pertains to criminal cases, as well civil court cases. Based on audio forensics, the results turned up during investigation can be used as evidence in criminal and civil cases that deal with anything from family and neighbor disputes, divorce, extortion and even industrial espionage.
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Audio Enhancement vs Forensic Transcription
By Nuuk Larsen
Thanks to movies and shows like CSI and NCIS, people have unrealistic expectations about the audio enhancement capabilities of forensic audio examiners. In the world of fiction, not only can experts do the job with a click or two of the mouse, but they can make completely unintelligible speech completely clear and easy to understand.
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Intelligence and Audio Surveillance in the United States
By Jeff Noctis
The federal government of the United States of America has a rather thorough intelligence machine at its disposal. The various organizations are collectively called the IC (Intelligence Community).
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How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos from USB Drives
By recovery software
Are you looking for restoration of lost digital photos from inaccessible or formatted fixed drive?

Then use file salvage recovery tool to get back deleted digital photos from damaged hard drive or usb removable mass media drives.
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How To Recover Memory Card Data On Your Mac OS
By Jack Alexander
Hava you ever suffered memory card data loss and wondering if there is a way to recover on your Mac?

Memory cards are carried around a lot, or pushed and pulled in and out of sockets, which results in wear and tear.
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Burning And Stamping Compact Discs
By Jeff Noctis
There are two methods one could use to get production run copies of a Compact Disc - duplication and replication. From an end user perspective, there is virtually no difference between the two.
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How to Recover Trash Mac with Mac Data Recovery Software
By Jack Alexander
To delete a file on Mac, what we need to do is just dragging and dropping it to trash bin. The files you deleted intentionally or unintentionally are kept in it unless you empty the trash bin.
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Why And How You Can Get Back Deleted Photos
By Jack Alexander
Photo deletion from digital devices happens here and there as the world is stepping towards digitalization. Digital cameras bring us great risk as well as good memories.
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3 Effective Ways To Recover Deleted Pictures From Memory Card
By Jack Alexander
Many a time memory card becomes a perfect haven to collect our precious pictures. For example, when we go out traveling we are always used to take lovely cameras with us, and these tremendous beautiful pictures taken are stored on this tiny piece of camera memory card.
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How to Restore Lost Files from Corrupted Memory Cards
By Jennylala
Many people seek for data recovery help when their memory card is \"corrupted\". But few of them specifically point out what kind of \"corrupted\" it is and how it happened.
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How To Perform Windows Vista Password Recovery Safely And Quickly
By paul lee
As a common pc user, do you have the habit to set password for Windows Vista so as to stop unauthorized users to access to your private files on computer? Have you ever forgotten your Windows Vista password, like forgetting the password you reset for computer after one logs on with your previous original password?
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How to Retrieve Lost Data After Partition Formatted
By Emerald Lee
In different search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, we can see that people search answers frequently for retrieving lost data. There are many situations that data loss happens.
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How To Retrieve Lost Files After System Restore
By Jennylala
I haven\'t meant to restore my PC system, for I always doubted whether my files could still be there. But one day as the virus attack, I had to do that.
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8 Data Recovery Software To Rescue Lost Data
By Emerald Lee
People never know what will happen the next minute, and so does computers. Virus, wrong operation, reinstallation of windows system, and suddenly cutting off electricity will cause computer data loss.
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How To Password Protect Memory Sticks
By Mary Guo
If you intend to store confidential files on a memory stick, security should be an important issue for you. Incidents concerning lost memory sticks often occur.
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