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Business strategies, tips and articles to help you with your company branding, customer service tips, entrepreneurialism, management, marketing, outsourcing, sales, planning, team building and more

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Lean Manufacturing - Where To Begin
By Carl Wright
Lean Manufacturing – where to begin

Almost everyone in manufacturing has heard about lean manufacturing. Most large corporations are in various stages of implementation.
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Online Business Opportunity: Income Or Scam?
By Liz Roberts
Today, many people are taking advantage of home based businesses to earn extra income for their families. Mothers or those with handicaps can benefit a lot from work-at-home business opportunities.
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Stop Taking Your Customers To Lunch
By Susan Naylor
Imagine walking into your favorite Italian restaurant. You likely have been looking forward to it all day and when you simply walk in the front door and smell the delicious aromas your heart begins to pound just a little bit faster.
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Create Your Own Online Training Site
By Terry Detty
It isn’t really as hard as it sounds. Let’s get rid of all those things that are hard to do.
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How To Get Instant Results With Web Directory Submissions
By Terry Detty
We live in the age of instant coffee and the equally instant World Wide Web. As a result most people expect things to happen instantly including success in online business.
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How to Maximize Your Time and Opportunities
By Henry Pellerin
As business owners we are always wondering when and where we’ll find the “mother load”, that one major customer that will keep us busier than we could ever imagine. To face this challenge, we search high and low, continuing to try new marketing ideas, calling on new customers, looking for new and more profitable industries, and sometimes trying to offer new products and services.
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Let Your Client's Know Your Customer Service Expectations
By Keith Lee
At American Retail Supply, we make mistakes. We spend lots of time and money to make our procedures as efficient and foolproof as possible, but we still make mistakes.
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How To Manage Employee Retention
By Keith Lee
How to Manage Employee Retention

Empower your employees to make decisions and they’ll continue to be happy productive team member for years to come

Make-You-Happy Action Teams (MAT) plays a critical role in managing employee retention. This is Z-Theory management.
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11 Customer Service Lessons on One Phone Call
By Keith Lee
11 Customer Service Lessons from One Phone Call

The other day, I called one of our very good clients who has a brick and mortar store, excellent mail order business, superb telemarketing organization, and a top notch web site. They don\'t have a retail store in my area, so I usually order on line or call them.
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How To Choose A Web Design Company
By John Paul
Everyone knows that today is the age of internet. Every successful company knows that a web site is an essential marketing tool.
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Private Label Rights - How PLR Products Can Boost Your Internet Income
By Jeremy Gislason
Popularizing a web site to improve your online business can be easily achieved by learning how to use private label rights in acquiring high-quality content or information. Private label rights (PLR) content generally are articles, manuals, software, and e-books that are free for subscribers to use as they wish.
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Transformative Mediation
By Larry J. Blackwell
Alternative dispute resolution is being used with increasing frequency in every aspect of life be it legal disputes, family quarrels, neighbor differences, business conflicts or differences between employees on the job.

One form of mediation that has been particularly useful in addressing employment disputes is \"transformative\" mediation.
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The Fast & Easy Way to Start an Internet Home Business
By Masrule Hamid
Many people think that starting an Internet home business is hard. In fact, there is no business in the world that is faster or easier to launch.
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The PDF Approach to Web Business Success
By Hermas Haynes
More and more people today are turning to the Internet to pursue their dreams of financial independence. They see this fantastic digital frontier as the place to develop a successful Web business, and enjoy an ultimate lifestyle of personal freedom and satisfaction.
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Why Most Online Businesses Fail
By Tolani Brendan Mosweu
Most online businesses fail within a year or so; however this can be overcome by following certain strategies. There are several reasons why online businesses fail and the following guidelines are prepared to help you succeed with your online business.
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Google Adwords Promotion Secrets That Will Explode Your Income
By Mark Anthony Abrahams
Google Adwords promotion will drive a lot of traffic to
your website. However, most people fail running successful
Adwords campaigns.
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The Formula For Success
By Tolani Brendan Mosweu
The Formula for Success

“I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can\'t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.
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Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online
By A. Chakraborty
Are you scratching your head on how to make money online? Well, let me tell you, there are scores of ways to make money.
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The Basic Dilemma Of Internet Marketers That You're Probably Struggling With Also -- And What To Do About It
By Marlon Sanders
There\'s a basic dilemma all Internet marketers face:

Learn the new methods that get better results

Versus --

Do the basics that you know work.

If you want to make maximum profits, then you need to
learn and use the latest methods on the one hand.
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So You Want to Start an Online Business Part One
By Joseph Murray
So you want to start an online business?

I am prompted to write this article after receiving a phone call from my daughter a couple days ago.
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