​I have very exciting news for you....

We have a very exclusive licensing opportunity for you that will get you into profit after just 3 sales and onwards into mega profits fast!

This could easily add 4 or 5 figures to your regular profits this year and every year after.

As you may know we do a lot of licensing, sometimes it's very exclusive and we only allow a limited number of resellers.

The last 3 or 4 deals we released through my other company jointly with Simon all sold out within hours of public release.

But this is like nothing you've seen before because I've just released a Reseller License to my flagship site: SureFireWealth.com

​Now we may close this offer at anytime so I wanted to give you the opportunity to RESERVE a license now...

This is brand new, we've never released anything like this before (and it's unlikely to be repeated)

As a "Gold Reseller", you will be able to refer new members and get 100% of every upgrade sale paid directly into your own PayPal account — INSTANT Payments!

No more waiting for 30-60 days for 50% affiliate commissions — you get the entire fee on every sale paid immediately to you.

You'll also get a high converting, lead capture/squeeze page you can use to build your own prospect list with first, then simply give them your unique reseller link and the rest is on full autopilot.

Once your referrals have your reseller link our system will do the rest, tracking everything and paying you directly for years to come.

We handle all the support, the site management and updates — it's hands free income for you...

Simply send targeted traffic to your unique link and you'll make sales, it's as simple as that.

If you're not already a member of SureFireWealth.com that's okay, because you'll get GOLD member access level included plus you can take advantage of this special offer and start making money as a reseller. And you'll know your customers will get a huge kick from belonging to one of the most loved marketing sites online...

Here’s what a few of our existing members say about us:

​​​​​​​​Thanks Jeremy! You've put together the best collection of resellable software and ebooks on the planet. Anyone without a product or service of their own can now start a business on the Internet in a snap!

​Jim Daniels

Jeremy, Your site is a fantastic resource for people who are serious about building their internet business. The quality and quantity of downloads, ebooks, software and templates is staggering! I have been telling my members about your site and will continue to make sure they take advantage of your library. Thanks for providing such a wealth of information. I know many people are going to incrementally multiply their income as a result of being a member at SureFireWealth.com.

Joel Comm

It is said that the suit makes the man, well when you are dealing with an online business it can be said that the man makes the site. I have known Jeremy Gislason, the owner of SureFireWealth.com for many years and I can honestly say that I have never known anyone with more ambition, drive, honesty, integrity or overall knowledge of the Internet.

Jeremy has put together a service that you will benefit with in more than just financial ways. He gives you his insight, knowledge, and the products he has put together for you are hands down the best! Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned veteran, I highly recommend that you get what Jeremy has to offer and follow his direction and advice. I have been online since 1999 and run a variety of profitable sites, but you will only see my testimonial on one site and that is for Jeremy.

I do not take testimonials lightly or throw my words of endorsement around for my benefit like the good ole boy network does. I give Jeremy and SureFireWealth my personal endorsement because I know he will over deliver and over serve his customers and he will help guide you in the direction of profit faster than anyone or anything else you can do.

Darryl Graham
President, ISORegister, Inc.

Gosh ... I thought this is just another internet marketing membership site, BUT I WAS WRONG! Jeremy, I'm very impressed with all the products you give away to your members in Surefire Wealth - at such a bargain price! There are literally thousands of dollars worth of products for the members that will help them to be successful on the internet. In fact, just a few of the products in your membership are already worth more than the investment to join!

That's just insane if someone passes up joining as a member of surefirewealth.com. Lastly, I want to add that you're adding a lot of value by providing hundreds of internet marketing related articles to your members. One idea from these articles can skyrocket anyone's online business!

Warmest regards,

Patric Chan
CEO IM Tactics Inner Circle

Hey Jeremy, Before I started or decided to check out this site, I was afraid it was just going to be another membership site with lots of stuff in there. I completely underestimated you! This is one of the best marketing resources I have ever seen and I am VERY picky. Actually, I was so excited to see what you offer that I immediately let all of my own members know about it.

This is the first time I promoted a website and did not get negative reviews back from all the members. They ALL loved it! You absolutely have an amazing resource here and I think anyone involved in internet marketing needs to grab a membership - it's pennies for what you offer. By the way, raise the price!!!

Anik Singal

Hey Jeremy, Before I started Hi Jeremy, Wow... what a huge collection of great resources, ebooks, software, audios and videos you have put together for Silver members. Not to mention the valuable resell right packages as well as private label resell right products for Gold members... I am impressed! Thanks also for allowing me to offer the Silver membership for free to my customers. I keep getting feedback from them, thanking me for sharing this with them. You are the one they should thank. :)

Frank Bauer
Owner of Add2it.com - Software Scripts & Services

Click Here to Read Many More Testimonials

And you may or may not already be an affiliate as well. But here's what a few of our happy affiliates have had to say about
their results promoting SureFireWealth.com

Hi Jeremy, Your affiliate program is simply awesome! Not only does everyone I send to your site get an incredible deal but your conversion rate is second to none. I'm seeing your commission notification emails hitting my inbox daily, even weeks after a promotion and still they come in. I've never seen anything like it!

Any affiliate marketer in their right mind should be begging you to let them in on this. Many Thanks!

Simon Hodgkinson

Jeremy, I inserted another ad in my newsletter this week for your site. I am still amazed at the conversion your site continually generates. Your affiliate program is among the best I've advertised in my ten years of doing business online.

Update: I just wanted to fire off a quick message of thanks. As I was doing my end of month accounting I found myself a few thousand bucks short at the worst time of the year - tax time.

So I looked up my list of best performing affiliate programs and there was yours, right at the top. I sent out a message to my subscribers that day, telling them about your great site. Not only did I get lots of letters of thanks from my subscribers, I had money in my paypal account just days later. Thanks for having such a top performing affiliate program and superb service. Oh and thanks for paying out so quickly, that worked out great!

To your continued success,

Jim Daniels

Hi Jeremy, I just wanted to ask you what is the magic you have that makes this program convert so well. Well, I know it is the Value you give, but there must be more than that. I have never had such success with ANY promotion I sent out before.

After just sending 1 email to my list I have an upgrade conversion rate of 5.04% (Unheard of in our industry) And sales Still coming in 45 days later! You have the "real secret weapon" and I advise anyone with any size list to beg you to do a JV. I look forward to my next promotion with you again. (And to think, I almost let this pass me up.) Thanks!

Mike Filsaime

 Hi Jeremy, This is Michael Hopkins here from BizzyDays.com I wanted to send you a quick note confirming your strategy of offering membership to my new subscriber sign-ups. That's exactly what I've been doing and here's how the figures look so far...

I've earned more money with you since I became one of your JV partners just 3 weeks ago than I have in most other programs. My results make yours one of the most successful affiliate programs I've taken part in. On top of that, you send payments to my PayPal account every month. How good is that! Well done -- and you're welcome to quote me on any of the above if you want. All the best,

 Michael Hopkins

Hi Jeremy! The following statements are filling up my email box! 

"You've made a commission!"
"You've made a commission!"
"You've made a commission!"

Excellent conversion rate and offer! People love it, we love it. It's a win-win-win deal! Thanks!

Mike Mograbi

Hi Jeremy, Your Surefirewealth Affiliate Program is one of the best profitmakers ever! It totally exceeded my expectations. I never realized how "magnetic" your SFW offer is to my subscribers, until I generated hundreds of dollars in commission from one mailing lone. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! 

Michael Lee
Owner of Add2it.com - Software Scripts & Services

​As you can see SureFireWealth is recommended by some of the top marketers and business owners online, our offer has been PROVEN to CONVERT!

But let me run a few numbers by you to demonstrate to you that this is a rock solid system with a 10 year track record that just gets better and better.

The conversions are pretty much the same today as they were 10 years ago (unheard of in this industry).

On average new free members that upgrade to GOLD is 6.6%

That means that for every 100 free members you recruit, 6-7 off them will upgrade to Gold membership via the special one-time offer they see (this costs $67).


That's $402 INSTANTLY to your PayPal account.

It works out at $4+ per lead.

Think about it... How many people a day can you give away free memberships too?

10... 20... 50... and on average every person you send is worth $4+

Now notice I say 'on average' because of course all traffic is not created equal. I want to be perfectly straight with you here – If you send decent quality traffic to your link you'll make more money – sending untargeted/junk traffic will make less...

And I've kept things conservative too because some of our top affiliates get 10% conversions all day long (even with 'cold' traffic you could see around 2%-3%).

Those numbers are initial conversions... Off course some free members will not upgrade immediately some will wait and perhaps upgrade during the regular 'events' we run.

In fact I've seen members upgrade many months or even a couple years later!

And it's still GREAT NEWS FOR YOU... Because unlike common affiliate tracking cookies (that often expire after a few weeks) we HARDCODE all your leads for life This means that whether they upgrade today, next week, next month or even years later – you are guaranteed to still get paid!

This means that whether they upgrade today, next week, next month or even years later – you are guaranteed to still get paid!

Now you might be wondering about things like refunds... So here's something that will probably shock you: Out of 11,048 (and growing daily) existing GOLD members we've had less than 60 refunds in total... in the last 10 years!

that's a 0.005% refund rate (no joke)

​Sure you may get one or two refund requests but it's more likely you'll win the lottery or get hit by lightning three times in a row... People love being a member here and we deliver so much value they never want to leave...

​Just as an example, most memberships have at least a 5% refund rate on average, some 15% or more, that's just the way it is. Heck I've even seen some marketing products with refund rates as high as 30% - 50%!

So even if you make 100 sales on those kinds of products, what you are really left with is perhaps just 80-90 commissions if you're lucky (and worse with some)

​I don't know about you, but that really SUCKS when you've worked hard to promote a product, you get excited at the sales results, only to see 20% or 30% your commissions get 'clawed back' or deducted after a few weeks later because the vendor dropped the ball on customer support, or technical issues or the product just didn't deliver.

I guarantee you will NEVER have to worry about that here...

SUREFIREWEALTH GOLD MEMBERSHIP is the EXCEPTION to the norm because we go out of our way, every day to make sure we over-deliver and satisfy even the most demanding of our members.

Now, let me just run a few numbers by you on some affiliates that have gotten paid very well just on 50% commissions over the years

Affiliate 1) $1.86/click

Affiliate 2) $2.08/click

Affiliate 3) $2.66/click

Affiliate 4) $1.31/click

Affiliate 5) $1.61/click

​you get the idea, Now double those amounts (because you'll not be getting a 50% commission, you'll get 100% of the sale) and you should be starting to see what an incredible opportunity this is...

​My point is, this has been proven to work over and over again, with consistency over a long period of time.

​If you're getting excited about this opportunity let me quickly recap:

  • Instant $67 payments to your PayPal account from every free member you refer that upgrades to GOLD level. (You get instant payments)

  • Hard Coded Leads – For Life. It doesn't matter when your free members upgrade you still get the payment. Now, Next Week, Next Month or Next Year!

  • Completely Hands Free System, Just send people to your special link and we do everything else including customer support, updates and constant conversion testing.

  • Unique Reseller links to give away free memberships and free silver memberships (our best converting offer) so you have nothing else to download or upload. Just send traffic to your instant reseller links

  • Proven Squeeze Page to download and set up on your own servers to build your list first with your own email management systems. (this is just an option if you want it)

  • Reseller management area to get your links, promo material & see your leads & sales stats. This is a bullet proof management system we've used on other sites for over 2 years now so we know it works.

  • PLUS+ 50% commissions on the $297 Gold Plus upsell that converts at 13.7% (you may have spotted this yourself or bought it)

Note: When you become a reseller I'll even show you how you can also grab 100% of these $297 sales for yourself too...

As you can see I have the utmost confidence in SureFireWealth our proven system and the 10 year success story behind it.

So let me ask you, what would you pay for this kind of ROI (return on investment)? I've thought about it myself and I'd be willing to pay $2,000+ for this same opportunity. (and I'd double or triple my investment within a few weeks).

If someone presented this offer to me at $1,000 I'd honestly consider it a bargain.

And if they were crazy enough to ask for $500 I'd jump on it in a heartbeat.

But I'm NOT going to ask you to invest even half of that!

This needs to be one of the easiest investment decisions you will make this year.

You can refer as many members as you like, you can bank tens of thousands of dollars in direct payments and you will never have to pay a single cent more... I guarantee it!

And remember: This ultra low price also includes your own full Gold level access to all the products inside the member area as well! (Normally $XX)

Why Am I Even Doing This?

I'll be honest, I've got so much going on with my other company Promote Labs, Inc and additional projects with SFW INC this year (all competing for time) that I just don't have the same opportunities to promote SFW membership as much as I'd like to.

We also have a growing product line now (unlike many years ago when we started). And the new members you refer to us will hopefully want to get some of those products too - So I'm prepared to forego the initial profits to you and make sales on those later.

You get paid instantly for sending new members and I make sales later. I think that is fair, don't you?

So you have two choices right now:

1) Invest ​in a one-time payment for a Gold Reseller license today

2) pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity (which you may regret later)

The choice is yours to make - If you are ready to take the next step here's all you need to do

Just click on your desired form of payment using PayPal or Stripe secure payment gateways below:

About Your Reseller Account Delivery: After your transaction has been processed & you have registered for your new account you will automatically be sent your login details and Gold Reseller level welcome email. No waiting, no delays - You get instant access to your Gold Reseller membership - 24 hours a day - 365 days a year! Note: Echecks can take up 4-6 business days to process with paypal.

Remember, we may close this offer down at any time so the sooner you get your spot reserved the better. If you see a sold out sign at the top then this offer is closed.

I'm sure this opportunity will help you make a lot more this year & your success is our success!

Warm Regards
Jeremy Gislason

P.S. If you have any questions or concerns you'd like answered before you make your decision, feel free CLICK HERE to contact us at any time.

SureFireWealth.com membership has already worked for tens of thousands of people all over the world. If you have reservations let us put your mind at rest. Our support staff or I personally will be more than happy to talk to you if you need assistance. I know this reseller opportunity can work for you and I would be happy to talk to you directly.

P.P.S. Remember, with the 100% money back guarantee, there's no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose by taking action and joining this exclusive reseller program. If after doing your best to send quality traffic to your squeeze page and reseller link you have not had enough signups to get you at least 1 Gold upgrade sale, I'll immediately refund every penny. What have you got to lose? Reserve your license now!

About Your Reseller Account Delivery: After your transaction has been processed & you have registered for your new account you will automatically be sent your login details and Gold Reseller level welcome email. No waiting, no delays - You get instant access to your Gold Reseller membership - 24 hours a day - 365 days a year! Note: Echecks can take up 4-6 business days to process with paypal. 


Q: If there are too many resellers, won’t the market become saturated?
A: No, just look at places like Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype or Twitter. They are growing by millions of new users every month. There are thousands of new people coming online every single day in search of ways to improve their business, marketing their offline or online business or to just get started making extra money online. These are all people who could use your help.

Q: Can’t I just sign up as an affiliate instead?
A: Yes, but affiliates only earn 30% commissions paid 30-60 days after the sale. Affiliates also CANNOT give away free silver memberships as gifts to their own customers or subscribers. As a Reseller you’ll get 100% of your sales direct to your PayPal account and you can Gift free silver memberships as bonuses to your subscribers & customers. 

Q: Are you using some kind of 3rd party site or system for direct payments?
A: No, this system has been totally built by our own programmers and it is all run in house. The customer pays you direct and our automated system takes over after that. This is totally hands free for you (other than sending traffic to your offer) and is on a tried and proven system built by us.

Q: I see the potential but ​this seems like a lot to invest right now​?
A: This is a very limited offer and after just 3 sales you’ll have your investment back. ​

Q:  Is there a limit to the number of people I can sell this offer to?
A:  No limits, you can give away as many free and gifted silver memberships as you want you like and earn on as many Gold upgrades as you can get.

Q:  Is there an annual licensing fee or renewal or hidden fees for me?
A:  No this is a one time payment there are no further payments required.

Q:  How many licenses like this will you sell?
A:  Right now we are testing this offer out and offering 100 licenses.
Once we hit our number we will just close this offer down. You will be a part of a very selective group that has this.

Get Started Now! – (this is a one-time payment with nothing else to pay) 

- My personal guarantee that if you send at least 100 free active members from quality traffic sources and not had at least 1 Gold upgrade sale within 30 days of them signing up -
I will give you a full refund.

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