New Plugin – Instant Blog Monetization

Turn any blog post into a cash machine… (new plugin)

We’ve just completed a brand new WordPress plugin that opens up a whole new world of opportunities to make money from your blog!

It’s called “WP Pay-Per-View” and because you’re one of our loyal subscribers you can get advanced, prelaunch access before it goes public and everyone jumps on board

Now you can protect content on a post or page based level, set up micro-payments, limited time access even subscriptions all in just a few mouse clicks.

And because this plugin uses the latest technology, integrating with Facebook and Twitter your buyers don’t need to create or register accounts.

It’s automatic and from what we’ve seen in our own tests it out converts any kind of membership type system because it’s just so easy!

Get first movers access by grabbing your copy at a huge early bird launch discount!


To Your Success!

Warm Regards,

Jeremy Gislason

P.S. Right now all ‘early bird’ buyers will also receive lifetime free updates so grab this one today!



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