How to Build Profitable Email Campaigns in Minutes

Got something really cool here for you today!

This report is called ‘Profit Builders – The Anatomy of a Profitable Email Marketing Campaign’

Highly recommend reading it and putting it to action for your business – it’s solid no fluff info written by our own team.

We could easily sell this report for $9.95-$17 all day long but we’re going to give this to you for free since you’re a valued subscriber who opens and reads our emails :)

You can see the landing page for it at:

No need to optin though – you can bypass that and go right to the download page here since you are a valued reader of our emails :)

Now, here’s something else that might interest you…

The software used to set up the landing page and download access is called Squeeze Ninja and it saves us loads of time so we can be more productive.

In fact, it took us less than 30 minutes to set this all up and you can do the same at:

Also if you’d like to give away high quality free reports like Profit Builder yourself so you can build your own lists and profit on the backend from them ….

I also recommend getting a lifetime pass to our Automated List Profits site

You can get a discount right here:

So here’s a quick breakdown of what I did while having my morning coffee today so you can see how easy this was (you can do this too)

‘Profit Builder’ Free Report built by using Squeeze Ninja, Automated List Profits & aweber

What I did: Logged into our Automated List Profits site,  downloaded & rebranded one of the latest reports called Profit Builder.

This was written by our own team and I know it’s solid info and happy to help others out by giving this information away and building up our brand as a result.

We can also profit on the backend from the follow up emails, links in the report, TY page links (Squeeze Ninja & ALP make this super easy)

Created a simple landing optin page for it using our cool Squeeze Ninja software

Set up a list for the landing page on aweber then simply typed the list name into the squeeze ninja field and it did the rest. (no coding or HTML required etc)

Squeeze Ninja then automatically generated the landing page, TY page & Download page

Effort spent: simple copy pasting, typing, clicking mouse, drinking coffee & checking links when done

Time Spent from start to finish: 30 minutes

Resources used –

Aweber but you can use any list manager such as Get Response or whatever you want to use.

Squeeze Ninja Software: (Price Increasing Soon)

ALP lifetime access account: (Discount Link)

It’s all pretty simple when you have solid resources to use that save you time and money.

We built these for our own use and we now let others use them too so you can do the same.

I hope both of these resources and this report help you out!

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy Gislason

P.S. I should also mention that our Squeeze Ninja software price will be going up again soon so it’s worth getting now rather than later as it will cost alot more soon.


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